Men are turning to the web when looking for help and advice about embarrassing problems such as erectile dysfunction, according to new figures. 

Health on Female First

Health on Female First

The confidential nature of the service allows customers to gain expert advice, and order products, which they may otherwise be embarrassed to talk about with their local GP.

The research released today shows that while men across the nation are turning to the web, a national divide has also been revealed.

The study of the UK’s 40 largest towns and cities was collated using sales data from Superdrug’s Online Doctor portal. Launched in May this year, the site offers a number of paid for prescription services ranging from at-home sexual health tests to hair loss treatments.

Men in the south of England and Midlands are more likely to use the web for their health advice.  Men in Norwich, Reading and Bristol have been shown to use the internet to seek advice and purchase erectile dysfunction aids (EDAs) more than anywhere else in the UK.

Their northern counterparts on the other hand are far less likely to shop for EDAs online, notably in Salford, Sunderland and Bradford.

The data was generated by taking each town as a percentage of the UK population and comparing that to how many orders have been placed as a percentage of total EDAs. 

Simon Lea of Superdrug’s Health Team comments: “Men have always historically been reticent to look after their health so the advent of the internet age is a boon, allowing them to get expert advice and shrug off the embarrassment quota.”

“While erectile dysfunction aids sell more in the South of England, as a whole they are the best seller across all regions showing that men across the country are taking advantage of the convenience and confidentiality that comes from gaining health advice on line.”

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