Happiness has been a study for me and one that has led me to innumerable self help books, endless google searches, and countless seminars.  Not to mention the more intensive happiness searches that required therapists and medications.  I’ve been a divorce lawyer for almost 23 years. 

Decide to be happy!

Decide to be happy!

Happiness and divorce law are NOT synonymous.  Far from it.  Eight hours a day five days a week I made my living from other people’s unhappiness.  This didn’t bode well for me.  You may not have a career laden with hostile adversaries, frustrated and sad clients, and the pressures that accompany litigation but happiness may still seem elusive.   A few years ago I stumbled upon a revolutionary idea in the how to be happy realm.   It’s my top pick for tips on how to be happy, are you ready to be astounded? 

Decide to be happy!  That’s right.  So easy but so important in the quest for feeling good.  Take a stance, say an affirmation, declare it for all to hear.  You are a happy person.  Now that’s sorted and we can move on to some things to keep you feeling good.

Practice Gratitude.   For everything.  Most days I end my day with a litany of all the things that are good in my life.  Big things like winning a case.  Or small things seeing a bird feeding outside my window.  No matter where you are in life, you do have things to be grateful about.

Be kind to others.   My first job was in retail and it never failed to cheer me to go to work smiling and saying hello to others.  Want to really up the happiness odometer?  Give compliments!

Stop complaining.   Once I discovered deciding to be happy I was able to pinpoint all the negativity pretty easily.   I was constantly complaining about the things in my life I didn’t like.   I changed it and in the words of my Mother, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything”.

Spend time outside.  Go to a park.  Sit by a tree.  Let the air, the sunshine, and nature imbue you with good feelings. 

Stop fixating on bad news.  Getting caught up in politics, wars, disasters, and gossiping can turn a smile into a frown.  It’s easy to hop on social media and see all the things going wrong.  Tune into what’s going right to feel happier.

Limit the time you spend with the naysayers and doomsdayers of the world.  Some people are just going to be unhappy.  And sometimes we have to spend time with them, but if you can stop it then take action to find places where people are in a good mood. 

Exercise.  We all know it’s good for our bodies but it’s also great for feeling good.  Endorphins are part of my happiness solution.

Let go of “how things should be”.  What if things are exactly as they should b?  Staying present with where you are and appreciating this point in time has helped me find happiness in the now.

Just can’t seem to get there?  Visualize how happy people act.  Do they smile?  Laugh?  Say nice things?  Wake up ready to face the day?  You can do it too!

For more on how to be happy, visit www.ProjectPositivechange.com.  Or to find more about about divorcing, you can fine me at www.leighdaniellaw.com. 

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