Some dogs love to play Tug of War - and this can be implemented as part of a workout!
Some dogs love to play Tug of War - and this can be implemented as part of a workout!

Ever wanted your dog to help you stay motivated with your exercise-based New Year’s resolutions? Well now they can – the first breed-specific dog and human workouts have been launched to help keep people and their pooches active.

Wisdom Panel, who provide accurate pet DNA tests, found that over 25% of dog owners in Britain don’t know how to correctly exercise with their breed of dog, but fitness trainer Luke Worthington, who worked on ITV’s Harry’s Heroes, has been working in collaboration with vet experts at Wisdom Panel to launch breed-specific workouts.

These 'Doggy Walkouts' won’t just help our hounds, but they can also encourage owners to keep up with their fitness resolutions past January and throughout 2022.

From Little Legs, to Snub Nosed and Sensitive, and Powerful and Muscular, there is a workout for dogs of all shapes and sizes.

Worthington explained why he wanted to help produce these ‘walkouts’, revealed his advice to people who want to try the exercises with their dogs and spoke about how he keeps his dog, Bob the Pug, active.

Why did you want to create these 'Doggy Walkouts'?

It’s really important to exercise safely with your dogs, and a recent survey by Wisdom Panel, the world’s #1 pet DNA test, found that despite 80% of owners planning to exercise with their dogs, over a quarter don’t actually know the correct exercises.

And why did you want to launch them now?

We decided to launch the Doggy Walkouts now because we’re nearing the end of January, which is when New Year’s fitness regimes tend to start waning. These workouts are super simple, can burn up to 150 calories and be done whilst on your daily dog walk!

No matter your dog's breed, they can take part!
No matter your dog's breed, they can take part!

How did you put them together and work out which exercises suited what breed of dog?

I worked closely with the vet experts at Wisdom Panel to help devise the Doggy Walkouts. We’ve included a vet tip per workout to ensure you’re exercising safely! It’s important to know your dog’s breed genetic make-up before choosing which workouts are best.

How will the launch of doggy walkouts help people stay on track with their fitness resolutions?

The fact that you can do them in 15 minutes during a walk is great and really fits into your daily schedule. Not only does working out with your dog help you keep fit, but it also has been shown to boost serotonin levels.

Could you explain why a Labrador, Cockapoo and Shiatzu couldn’t all do the same level of exercise?

All of the breeds are technically able to do the other exercises, however the Doggy Walkouts are designed to be more suitable for each breed – the exercises include rep and rest guidance.

Get your pup to join you for some body drops!
Get your pup to join you for some body drops!

Do you have one overall tip that people could use when exercising with any breed of dog?

Make sure to use your main walk as the warmup, keep your dog hydrated, be mindful of their limits and adjust intensity as needed.

What sort of exercises do you do with your dog, Bob the Pug?

Collect the treat and stomping (fast paced walking) are our favourites.

How can you tell if your dog is enjoying the exercise or not?

The workouts are meant to be fun so always let your dog set the pace. If they stop for any reason, then perhaps try another exercise, or continue your walk and try again tomorrow!

What would your advice be to people who really want to give doggy walkouts a go?

Give one a go at first on your daily dog walk – perhaps start with the exercise that you feel most comfortable with, then build the reps, speed or time up across different days.

Disclaimer: Always make sure to discuss your fitness and lifestyle habits with a vet before embarking on a new training program or implementing a new exercise routine with your dog. And always make sure that your dog is well hydrated and has access to ample shade in hot weather.

Interview conducted and written by Lucy Roberts for Female First, who you can follow on Twitter, @Lucy_Roberts_72.

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