We’ve already explored the ways in which minimalism can help you to lose weight, however it can have wider benefits for your health- here are just a few reasons why it can give your body and mind a well needed boost. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Minimalism and experiences go hand in hand: For a lot of minimalists- experiences outweigh stuff so these people will invest in events as opposed to things. The reality is- many experiences involve being in the outdoors. Think about typical day-to-day experiences like going for walks and hikes, gardening and picking the kids up from school or ones you might do on holiday or to mark a special birthday like swimming, rock climbing, surfing, skiing or rally driving. They all require movement in some form. While going to the cinema and the theatre are experiences in their own right, the ones that are the most memorable are often those you have spent a lot of mental and physical energy on.  

Less things means a cleaner space: If you have fewer belongings, it will take you less time to clean, meaning you can probably to do a more thorough job when you do declutter the grime. 

Think about it- if you’re not wasting time on moving fifty ornaments to dust one shelf, you can clean your baseboards or pull out and hoover under a piece of large furniture. Think of the benefit to your lungs when you are not breathing in the dust that has collected on all your possessions because you don’t have the time or the inclination to clean them. 

It’s good for your mental health: If your mind is not filled with things you need to do around your home, it leaves mental space to dedicate to yourself and the relationships you value the most. When you are constantly tidying up after people, decluttering because more things are coming in than out of your home and feel a sense of overwhelm when you walk through the door- there is no room left for what actually matters- you and the people you cherish. 

It makes you minimise what complimentary things you put into your body: Perhaps you are someone who takes lots of supplements and your system has become overwhelmed with the sheer cocktail of tablets and sachets of powder you are putting into your body. Minimalism helps us to simplify in all areas of life and it may help you to question which of these offer a noticeable difference, which you take simply out of habit and scrutinise the ones that have so many ingredients- you fail to know what’s in them. 

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You are less likely to fall in your own home: This may sound like a simple point, but it’s a valid one. How many times have you injured yourself over something that was in the way or not supposed to be there in your home? Have you ever pulled your back because a box was too heavy? We’ve all done it and the less items you have in your space, the safer you should be because anything that is out of place is glaringly obvious.  By adopting the ‘everything has a home’ policy, you should reduce your risk of cuts and scrapes or worse- tripping and falling.

Health Insurance: Have you put off getting health insurance in the past because it’s too expensive? Well, now is your chance to invest in your health rather than things. If you aren’t spending as much on stuff, you are bound to have some money left over at the end of the month. If what you usually spend on things equates to the same as what you would need to spend on insurance- it might be time to shift your focus onto your health and preserve it while you still can. 

Complimentary therapies: Along the same vein as the last point- perhaps you have been keen to see a chiropractor or have always felt you would benefit from some acupuncture. Maybe you would like to see a dietician privately- all of these avenues become open to you if you stop buying meaningless things and put your money into practices that are going to help you live a healthy life and that aren’t covered by the NHS. 

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While we are all stuck inside, it can be tempting to look to shopping for some kind of fulfilment. When you are a minimalist or trying to be one- this is the last thing you will want to do. If you are struggling to fill in your time with simple intentional activities over this festive lockdown- here are some suggestions... to read more click HERE 

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