Ever since the times of the Babylonians who regarded astrology as a science, we have used the astrological signs to better understand ourselves and our interaction with the outer world. When most people think of astrology, they think of daily, weekly or monthly horoscope, but astrology is much more than that. In ancient times, astrology played an important part in people's wellness. Doctors even used it as a tool to diagnose diseases. Medical astrology, known as iatromathematics, is an old intellectual tradition existing for as long as the medicine itself.

Monica Gill writes for Female First
Monica Gill writes for Female First

For all of you who have never heard about the link between health and zodiac signs, we got you covered. Your zodiac sign tells a lot more about your health than you may think. Astrology can help you understand what part of your body requires the most attention and care. If you want to take a better care of yourself and boost your health based on your zodiac sign, here you can find out where to start.

Aries: Head, Face, Brain

The determined, headstrong and impulsive Ram knows not what getting rest is. Individuals born under this zodiac signs are always in action, whether in their head or in reality. The consequences of this, however, can be severe headaches, teeth grinding, excessive stress, irritability and sinus infections. While rushing through their life at the speed of sound may be exceptionally satisfying and exciting for them, the likelihood of accidents related to head, face and brain is quite big. This fire sign needs to learn how to waste their energy through physical exercise, because otherwise it can get out through anger, violence or depressive mood.

Taurus: Neck, Ears, Throat, Thyroid Gland

As a YOLO type of personality with a “treat yourself” tendency, Taurus loves rewarding themselves in all things pretty, beautiful, delicious and sweet. They like being comfortable and they don't mind being materialistic. Individuals born under this sign are very likely to develop health issues related to the throat, the tonsils, the neck, the ears and the thyroid gland. As a consequence to their inefficient thyroid gland which doesn't convert food into usable energy, many Taureans are overweight and slow in doing things. However, the Bull is known for their stubbornness, so they do not succumb to illnesses and diseases easily.

Gemini: Arms, Hands, Shoulders, Nervous System

The imaginative, quick to act and chatty Gemini is a tireless multitasker who tends to have more tasks at hand than they are capable of actually dealing with. They are exceptionally good at many things and their wide range of interests makes them a versatile person, but their indecisiveness and lack of persistency prevents them from seeing the end of things. Due to their dual personality, Geminis' weakness are those body parts that come in two: arms, hands, shoulders, legs, etc., so pain and tightness in those parts can occur quite often. Exhaustion and nervous system diseases are common for the Gemini.

Cancer: Chest, Stomach, Breasts

This sensitive zodiac sign feels too much and that can certainly cause a lot of pain in the chest. Cancerians are often victims of stress and anxiety, because emotions rule them. Cancers love traditions, their home, their family and their protective personality makes them a great parental figure. Feeling too much, unfortunately, comes at a cost: they are prone to depression, stomach pain, chest pain and breasts soreness. Female Cancers are also highly sensitive to the menstrual cycle and they experience all sorts of emotional pain: low mood, mood swings, depression, etc.

Leo: Heart, Back, Spine

Ruled by the Sun and thrive on inspiring others with their leadership capabilities and creativity, Leo is a strong, powerful and confident zodiac sign. Leo has a strong roar and they never spare their energy for the causes they believe in. But since they don't know how to slow down, their heart is usually the first to give them a warning. Heart and blood problems as well as blocked arteries often prevent these restless individuals from rushing from one to another event. Their spine and back are also vulnerable. In order to avoid injuries on their back and spine and keep their heart healthy, Leo individuals should try some meditation, as well as eating and living healthier.

Virgo: Abdomen, Intestines

Virgo is ruled by the belly and even though they are practical, overly self-critical and perfectionists by nature, they enjoy comforts and luxuries just a bit too much. They might be picky, but they have a tendency to overeat and gain weight quickly, then be harsh on themselves. Some Virgos have other sort of weight problems: they have too little weight. Eating disorders, stomach alignments, ulcers, constipation and food allergy are the most common health issues for Virgos. Individuals born under this zodiac sign need to learn how to relax and be easier on themselves, which is the only way to help their abdomen and intestines.

Libra: Skin, Kidneys

The sign of Libra governs the skin, kidneys and adrenal glands. People born under this zodiac sign are described as just, objective, fair and well balanced, yet diplomatic and manipulative. These individuals hate hurting others, but when balance and harmony is under question, they can lie. Ironically enough, Libras cannot keep their scales level the way they keep the balance. Diarrhea, constipation and other health issues related to poor diet are often their biggest threat. Their skin and kidneys also suffer from lack of water consumption, as they can develop various skin diseases, kidney infections, inflammations, etc. Therefore, staying hydrated and keeping the skin moisturized are two easy yet essential steps towards healthy skin and kidneys.

Scorpio: Immune System, Reproductive System, Sex Hormones

The tenacious and naturally intense Scorpios have a tendency to hold onto wounds and pain from their past, which greatly impacts their health. Their immune system is the first to fall on the pain caused by their past. When they get too jealous, obsessive and possessive in a relationship, their reproductive system and sex hormones suffer. Female Scorpios can have extremely painful and irregular menstruation cycles, accompanied by heavy bleeding, while both male and female can deal with bladder infections. To keep their health optimal, Scorpios need to learn how to get rid of their negative energy and keep their emotions in check.

Sagittarius: Hips, Thighs, Liver, Sciatic Nerves

As someone who is obsessed with gathering knowledge and learning all the truths about life, life can be pretty exhausting for their body yet pass unnoticed. Sagittarians are restless and constantly seek freedom, so as soon as they feel stuck, they attract sickness. These energetic and enthusiastic individuals are always on the move, which puts a lot of pressure on their thighs, hips and legs. Also, they enjoy living their lives which involves drinking alcohol in huge amounts and that causes them problems to their liver and problems with obesity. Fats around their hips and thighs is also a common consequence, so they need to make physical exercising a part of their daily life.

Capricorn: Joints, Knees, Bones, Teeth, Hair

Capricorn rules the joints, knees, bones, teeth, hair, jaw, skin and nails as they are one of the most physical signs of the zodiac. These hardworking and ambitious individuals are goal-minded and they care more about success than their own health. Sickness and stiffness do not stop the Capricorn from going to work, which can take its toll over time. Rheumatism and dislocations are their biggest health problems, as they are constantly moving their bodies without paying attention on the position of their knees, ankles or back. Broken bones is also quite common; needless to say why.

Aquarius: Calves, Ankles, Circulation

Aquarius rules the legs, especially from knees to ankles, and circulation. These individuals are creative, innovative and often involved in social gatherings. As a progressive sign, they are constantly on the move and they forget to take a time off to breath and relax. Their calves and ankles then suffer and swollen limbs, sprained ankles and dislocations are a common consequence. Aquarians also have problems with the circulation and nerve impulses, which results to arthritis, heart conditions, varicose veins, allergic reactions and other circulatory related issues. They need to be extra attentive of their weak ankles and calves and be more physical to improve circulation.

Pisces: Nervous System, Feet

Sensitive, emotional and imaginative, the weakest points of Pisces individuals is their feet and their nervous system. People born under this intuitive water sign catch up on other people's emotions quite easily and they are prone to emotional upsets, tensions and anxiety attacks. When they are overwhelmed by emotions, their nervous system can leave them vulnerable to all sorts of mental problems. Their weak feet also require more attention, because they are prone to corns, bunions, athlete's foot, etc. Wearing comfortable shoes, for starters, would be great.


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