By Ashish Mathur, Eye Care Expert at  Feel Good Contacts

Halloween on Female First

Halloween on Female First

There’s nothing better than creating a shock on Halloween night and transforming yourself from friendly to frightening.

If you’re planning to don a vampire, werewolf, witch, zombie or ghoul look, then like many Halloween revellers you might consider buying cosmetic coloured contact lenses to add the finishing touch to your spooky look.

Whilst we want Halloween to be a memorable evening, we want it to be unforgettable for the right reasons and are warning consumers of the dangers of buying costume lenses without a prescription. When purchasing contact lenses from non-optical establishments, you could be putting your eyes at risk of a long list of eye-related conditions including corneal infection, scratches on the cornea, conjunctivitis, reduced visual acuity and even blindness. You eye is a very delicate organ and we don’t want that bloody eye-look to become a reality, so here are some tips on how to buy and wear cosmetic contact lenses and stay safe on Halloween:

Before buying your contact lenses you should visit your eye care practitioner for a check-up. Even if you have good eyesight, you still need to visit an optician to ensure that contact lenses are suitable for your eyes. If suitable, you will obtain a prescription with the lens dimensions to help you buy a proper fitting lens.

Buy the lenses from an eye care professional or vendor that requires a prescription. It is advisable that you avoid buying them from street vendors, salons, beauty supply stores, boutiques, flea markets, novelty stores, Halloween stores, convenience stores or untrustworthy internet retailers. These outlets may not abide by the same safety standards and regulations as a reputable contact lens retailer who will only stock lenses from manufacturers that adhere to the strictest safety and quality regulations. Remember, contact lenses are medical devices and should only be purchased with an optician’s prescription.  In fact, it’s illegal to buy contact lenses without one.

Always put your lenses on before applying your Halloween make up and take them out before you remove your make up.

Do not share your lenses with anyone.  By sharing, you increase the chances of spreading eye diseases and corneal ulcers.

Follow the directions for cleaning (don’t use water), disinfecting and wearing the lenses. Do not overuse your lenses.  If it is a single use lens, then only wear it for the day and do not exceed the recommended wearing time.  If in doubt, follow the manufacturers’ instructions.

Do not sleep with your cosmetic lenses in.  The lenses will get misaligned and irritate your eyes and in the worst-case scenario it can permanently damage the eyes.

If you suffer from any redness, itching, swelling or irritation then remove your lenses immediately. Consult an eye doctor and get your eyes treated as soon as possible.

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