It is reported that 50% of the workforce will work from home by 2020, resulting in a decline in commuting, which also means a decline in exercise. If you work from your own desk, you will know all too well the struggle of getting in some exercise each day, so here are some suggestions so you can reach that all important daily target.

Health on Female First

Health on Female First

Go for a walk at lunchtime: If you take a lunch break- spend some of that time walking rather than just getting you midday meal. You could take a stroll around the block, park or if you have a big garden- do a few laps of that!

Throw in/ take out some washing: One of the greatest perks of working from home is that you can keep on top of the laundry. But when you are loading or emptying the machine- do it one item at a time- the steps you take between basket and drum will increase your count, even if just by a few. If your clothes are dry and you need to fold them and put them away, do them one at a time too. Every little helps. 

Empty/ load the dishwasher: In the same vein as doing the washing- take out or put in one item at a time and the steps in between your dishwasher and the cupboards or surfaces will ensure your number goes up.

Run an errand: Post a letter, pick up your dry cleaning, buy some milk from the corner shop, return a parcel- if the places you need to be are in walking distance- use them as your excuse.

Drink regularly: This is good advice for anyone- but use this to your advantage and drink out of small glasses or cups so you have to get up and refill them a few times in the day. Taking a large water bottle to your desk is only going to cheat you out of additional steps!

Take regular breaks: This is advised for anyone working at a desk all day to get the blood flowing to your legs but use this time to take a turn about the room, flat or house. A good way to remind yourself is to set an alarm every hour on your phone.

Household tasks: Again, if you are allocated some time for your lunch- eat and then do something about the house that involves activity- a quick hoover, a flick of the duster, putting out the recycling, making the beds or a general tidy up. You don’t have to spend your entire lunch hour sitting down- use it wisely!

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