Cancer Research UK is calling on people across the country to step up and take part in ‘Walk All Over Cancer,’ a 10,000 step challenge this March, to help raise crucial funds towards beating cancer sooner. If you are struggling to hit the recommended amount of steps per day, here are some simple ways to up your count. To sign up and download motivational tools including a wall chart, leader board and sponsorship form visit

Treat your pooch to some more outings

Treat your pooch to some more outings

Take the stairs.

Avoid queues at the lifts by taking the stairs every day in March. Any exercise that gets you warm and slightly out of breath counts as moderate exercise, which can burn excess calories to help you keep a healthy weight

Walk as part of your commute.

Save some cash by binning your bus pass for a month. Put on your trainers and get some fresh air on your walk to work. Park further away in the car-park, or jump off the bus or train a stop earlier to rack up some extra steps. You don’t have to sign up to expensive gym classes as you can get plenty of activity in for FREE!

Give the dog a month of extra walks

Take your dog for some spontaneous walks throughout March – morning, day or night. Your furry friend will be a great walking companion and they will love the added exercise!  

Embrace nature on a scenic spring walk

With the weather warming up, March is the perfect time to take a picturesque springtime walk. Take time out of your busy day to appreciate the great outdoors and get some extra steps out of it to boot

Spend time with the family out and about

Swap indoor activities for outdoor fun this March. Instead of going to the cinema with the kids, why not take them for an outdoor adventure? Saving you cash as well as encouraging the whole family to get moving this March

Use your steps to help friends

While participating in the 10,000 step-challenge, you can help friends and family with jobs by collecting their shopping or walking their dog. You’ll be helping others, plus the exercise-induced endorphins released will leave you feeling better than ever by helping to improve your mood

Ditch the car and walk into town

Avoid traffic and town parking charges by walking to the shops. Based on the average person’s stride, 10,000 steps is around five miles or eight kilometres. By the end of the month walkers will have covered 150 miles which is about the distance from London to Manchester.

Join your local walking club

Meet other enthusiasts at a local walking club where you can share walking tips and find new routes to help you achieve your steps. You might find yourself a new hobby that lasts longer than the month of March and helps you set up healthier habits for the long-term

Step your way through household chores

Turn up the music and start hoovering, washing the dishes, and mowing the lawn with an added spring in your step

Set reminders to walk

Cancer Research UK has a handy countdown chart you can use to monitor your progress throughout March, as well as a leaderboard where you and your friends can track who is the ‘top-stepper’ each week