Sunbeds produce harmful UV rays

Sunbeds produce harmful UV rays

We all love that holiday glow! With our skin bronzed, it gives us confidence and makes us feel happier about ourselves; however women go to drastic lengths to ensure the summer look. Many women are hopping on the sunbed to give them the holiday look throughout the year, however with the many dangers of sunbeds, is it worth the consequences?

Top 3 risks:

Increase your chances of developing skin cancer – Sunbeds give out high doses of ultraviolet (UV) that can cause skin cancer. The more you use sunbeds, and the longer you stay on can increase your risk of skin cancer. Sunbeds are no safer than sunbathing outside in the sun.

You look older – Sunbeds can cause wrinkles and give you that old, leathery look. So although you may look good with a tan, you will also look far older than you are.

Can damage your eyes – If you don’t wear UV goggles, the UV rays can damage your eyes and lead to serious cases such as eye cancer.

There is also a point where your skin will not get any browner and by continually using sunbeds, it will have no effect to your skin colour but will increase your risks of skin cancer and looking older. And with stars like Nicola Roberts and Emma Stone, who prove pale is beautiful; we should all ditch the sunbeds and go au natural. Pale is the new tanned!

If you can’t stand the thought of baring all and showing your natural skin tone, use fake tan as an alternative to sunbeds. Not only are there fake tan products out there that offer a natural look, but you will also be reducing your risk of catching skin cancer. Not to mention you’ll stay looking younger for longer! 

By Claire Lancaster 

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