A survey of 1,000 people in Britain has revealed some stinking statistics about our hygiene habits; Londoners have been singled out as the dirtiest in the bedroom with over a third (37%) of those who have had a one night stand admitting to not washing the sheets after their debauchery.

Washing Shy Brits

Washing Shy Brits

The research, commissioned by ZipJet, a new on-demand laundry, dry cleaning and ironing service reveals that people from London are also most in need of a clean pair of underwear, with almost half (40%) admitting to wearing the same pair of pants for 3 days or more. While 13% of Britain don't appear to worry about washing their underwear, because they don't wear any!

It's not just Londoners who are grubby though, the survey revealed that people all across the UK could do with a good old scrub with almost a quarter (23%) showering less than three times a week and over 25% happy to wear the same t-shirt three days in a row or more.

However, not all of the UK need hide their head in shame. Alan Partridge would be proud, as the findings discovered people from East Anglia are the cleanest when it comes to bedroom antics; 51% clean their bed sheets at least once a week. People from Yorkshire are the most house-proud in Britain, with 85% vacuuming their house and 80% cleaning their toilet at least once a week.

Lorenzo Franzi, founder of ZipJet comments:

"ZipJet are here to help those who struggle to find the time to do their laundry. It looks as if Londoners are most in need of our services at the moment. With one-in-four households in the UK not having in-house washing machines, ZipJet offers a timely and cost-effective solution to ensure everyone comes up smelling of roses!"

Whether you're a busy parent with a mountain of laundry to get through, a city worker with not enough hours in the day or a fashionista who needs their favourite outfits ready for every party, ZipJet is the ultimate cleaning companion. The easy to use app and website allows users to book a time-slot for a ZipJet pilot to collect the order. The pilot will then return with your clean, fresh and pressed laundry 24 hours later to your requested address.

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