The weekend is over, the working 9-5 begins and we all know how difficult Monday mornings are. Monday comes after a weekend of relaxing or going out with friends and the prospect of sitting in an office for what seems like endless hours puts you in a down mood.

Health on Female First

Health on Female First

Here are some tips to helps you get through Monday and beat those Monday morning blues;

1. Be Prepared: Prepare everything that you will need on Monday the night before, then there is no hassle and you can just fly out of the door.

2. Rise and Shine: Over the weekend we get out of our routine and have that extra hour or two in bed, this makes waking up on Monday morning particularly difficult. Give yourself time to get ready in the morning wake up an extra half an hour earlier and take your time; feeling rushed will increase anxiety and lead to a difficult day.

3. Leave it cold: Don't programme he heating to come on in the morning, being warm and comfortable means you are less likely to get out of bed. The shock of the crisp morning will wake you up and motivate you to get warm and ready for the day ahead.

4. Hydrate: Go to bed with a glass of water on your side table (or equivalent) and as soon as you wake up drink it, this will make sure you are hydrating your body after sleeping.

5. Try Exercise: Throw some exercise into your morning, do some yoga or a quick ten minute HIIT circuit to get you motivated and moving for the day. This will loosen up your body after sleep and make you feel more awake.

6. Breakfast: The most important meal of the day, keep it simple, a bowl of cereal or a quick boil in the pot porridge add some fruit to bring in flavour.

7. Feel Fabulous: Treat yourself with a hot shower and take your time getting ready, make sure you feel comfortable and more importantly feel fabulous. This will increase your mood and make your Monday seem like a walk in the park.

8. Take a deep breath: When you get to wok take a minute to acclimatise, take a deep breath and start the day!

9. Break up the day: To make the day not seem as long plan your breaks, don't go for your dinner at twelve instead go at one or even half past! This is closer to that five finish and will make time seem to pass quicker.

10. Stay Hydrated: Keep yourself hydrated throughout the day, Drink plenty of water to fuel your brain and keep that sluggishness away! Tip: Get a water bottle and mark timings on it, these act as little goals.