Denise Van Outen is supporting the 3rd annual Cycle to Work Day event- so she has come up with her top reasons to travel to work via bike.

We find out why you should cycle to work

We find out why you should cycle to work

As tens of thousands of workers prepare for the third annual Cycle to Work Day, Denise Van Outen, actor, dancer and presenter, speaks out about why she believes having an active commute can help beat the stress and help keep you feeling healthy, happy and fulfilled!

Start the day with a challenge

Having cycled through Rajasthan, climbed the Great Wall of China and cycled across Vietnam I'm always up for a challenge and I've never really been one to sit still for long. Cycling to work in the mornings gives me a challenge, granted it's not as extreme as my previous exploits, but the morning rush I get from cycling is a great feeling.

Leave the stress behind

We all have those days where life can seem totally hectic, and sometimes you need that little bit of 'me' time to keep you sane. Cycling is a great way to get that moment of freedom, the time spent on your bike alone with your thoughts gives you the fuel you need for a productive day ahead.

Live healthily

I'm not one to be constantly checking my weight on the scales; I find it can be demoralising. When I had my daughter, Betsy, I put on around two stone, but rather than starting fad diets I decided to continue my healthy exercise regime which included cycling. Cycling to different locations throughout the day gives me the confidence to wear what I want.

Feel young again

Despite being 40 I feel much younger, and I'm not particularly concerned about the thought of ageing. The way I behave, it's like I'm in my early 20s and having a daughter keeps me young. But it's always great to have a few extra things in your life to keep you feeling youthful - for me that's cycling.

Be part of a community

You'll be surprised how many people actually prefer cycling to work, especially during the morning rush hour. The cycling world has become a great community, especially on days like Cycle to Work Day when there's a real excitement on the road. You may even find a shared interest like cycle commuting can be a useful conversation starter.

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