Weight Drop 

15st 2lb to 12-st

Jasmine before and after her weight loss

Jasmine before and after her weight loss

Dress Size Drop 

16 to 10 

Total loss 

3st 2lb 

Jasmine's old diet

Breakfast: High-sugar cereal with white toast and butter

Morning snack: bag of crisps

Lunch: cheeseburger and chips and full-sugar coke

Afternoon snack: chocolate bar

Dinner: Big Mac Meal from McDonalds with coke

Evening snack: tea and biscuits 

Jasmine's new diet

Breakfast: poached eggs

Lunch: steamed haddock and quinoa

Dinner: prawn curry and steamed rice

Evening snack - crush avocado and chilli

Drink: 2 litres of water a day 

Jasmine, who is from Chelmsford in Essex shares; I knew my weight problems were spiralling out of control when I put on a stone in a WEEK. I put on 2lbs for every day of a break in Las Vegas where I was bingeing so badly I was having ice cream for breakfast. It was the culmination of a disastrous six-month period when I put on three stone and my weight ballooned up to 15st 2lbs. I knew that I had to change things fast or I was in big trouble.

Only drastic measures were going to sort me out.  I booked myself into No 1 Boot Camp in Norfolk and completely turned my life around. I lost three stone in just six weeks - dropping from a size 16 dress size to a much more shapely size 10.

It worked because I was able to completely cut myself off from my old lifestyle.

I made new friends and adopted a completely new approach to life.  My problem before my weight loss was that I was the ultimate yo-yo dieter. Who else could put on three stone in just six months including a stone in a week in Las Vegas? It was a crazy holiday where I would start the day with an ice cream sundae, followed by pancakes with maple syrup. For lunch and dinner I would just binge on the hotel buffet – going back for lots more helpings. It was boiling hot so I'd be drinking highly sugared Fanta all day and then going boozing and clubbing at night. I worked out that I had put on 2lbs for each of the holiday and a whopping stone for the whole week. I was no better when I got home. There is a 24-hours McDonald's next to my flat and sometimes I would go there for breakfast, lunch and dinner! I love going clubbing and enjoy getting a little attention for my looks and suddenly I wasn't getting any at all. It was because I was a size 16 and fat.

My situation had got so bad that I seriously considered gastric band surgery to sort out my problems.

I looked into it in detail and decided it was not for me. Instead I wanted to lose the weight more healthily. So I checked myself into No 1 Boot Camp in Norfolk - which has helped a string of celebrities to lose weight fast. Both Binky Felstead and Spencer Matthews lost a stone in a week following the strict regimes laid down by their ex-Special Forces trainers. I work at my stepdad David King's furniture company and he generously gave me a break from my job as training officer and paid £4,000 for a four-week stay. I was so shy and nervous at first. I could hardly speak to any of the other bootcampers because I was so anxious. On my second day of exercising I couldn't walk back from the beach as my legs were so sore, so they had to pick me up in the car while I was crying my eyes out. I could hardly walk on the hikes in the afternoons and was always struggling along at the back. Then I had my first week's weigh-in and I had lost 13lbs! That was all the incentive I needed and I started pushing harder and harder. As I approached my fourth week, I knew that I was not ready to leave, so I booked another two weeks. In the end, I lost more than three stone - all the weight that extra flab I had put on at Vegas - in just six weeks, but more importantly, I had totally turned life around. I got to know several celebrities while she was working out at No 1 Boot Camp  including Gemma Collins and James 'Arg' Argent from The Only Way Is Essex. They were both lovely but Gemma was pretty lazy when she was at the camp - it's no wonder she struggles to lose weight!

I used to get depressed occasionally when I was overweight. I had no confidence. But now, I have got all my old zip back. The party girl is very much back but this time I am being a lot more careful about what I eat and drink when I am on the razz.



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