Slimmer Rachel Morris has revealed how she lost five stone by following dieting tips from Made In Chelsea star Binky Felstead.

Rachel after her weight loss

Rachel after her weight loss

The account manager shed the weight after the TV beauty gave her advice on how to lose weight. Rachel, 26, slimmed down from 16st to just 11st - going down from a size 18 to a 10 and losing six inches from her waist.

And the key to it all was a chance meeting with Binky and her former Made In Chelsea co-star Spencer Matthews.

Rachel said: "I had always been a big Made in Chelsea fan, particularly of Binky.

"I'd seen how she had gone through a quite a big transformation on the show.

"She had really turned herself around and she looked amazing when I met her.

"She was so toned and in great shape and I remember thinking, 'I need to do what she is doing.'

"Binky was really sweet when we met and explained how she had changed her diet and had been exercising regularly. Seeing her looking so good was the inspiration I needed to really get in shape."

Rachel, from Nottingham, had let her weight shoot up in the years after leaving school by over-eating. She would scoff family-sized chocolate bars on her own or a whole tube of Pringles.

She explained: "I wasn't exercising and I was eating all the wrong things and my weight just spiralled upwards and upwards.

"It made me pretty miserable and I lacked confidence.

"I remember shopping at stores like Topshop, Oasis and Warehouse and realising, as a size 18, that some of their lovely designs wouldn’t fit me.

"I didn't want anyone to see my body. On family holidays I was so ashamed of how I looked. "There is no way I would ever have worn a bikini."

The turning point came when Rachel forced herself on some scales and the paper that printed off her true weight of 16st brought tears to her eyes.

She said: "I knew that I let myself get badly out of shape. It was the wake-up call that I needed and I started to eat a lot more carefully, exercise regularly and monitor the results."

But Rachel didn't really achieve the body transformation she had hoped for until she met Binky at the PA at Boots headquarters in Nottingham.

Rachel said: "I really knuckled down after that. Watching Binky on Made in Chelsea was the inspiration I needed. I'd see her looking slim on TV and it would give the extra incentive to do one further work-out."

Rachel also starting taking Forza Supplements' Raspberry K2 capsules which made a big difference.  She said: "The weight just fell off me after that. They stopped me snacking and gave me extra energy to get down the gym."

Soon Rachel was going to the gym four times a week and she completely changed her diet - ditching the giant chocolate bars for a high protein diet packed with fresh vegetables, meat and fish.

She said: "I completely turned my life around. It is important to remember that they are not a magic pill - you need to combine taking them with exercise and a good diet.

"That's what I did and I was amazed at the transformation.

"I treated myself to a new wardrobe full of my favourite brands. I cannot imagine how I could ever not exercise regularly or going back to eating the way I used to.

"I am so much happier and so thankful for Binky for helping me to get into shape."

Rachel's old diet

Breakfast - Coco Pops

Lunch – Ham sandwich on white bread, crisps and a chocolate bar

Dinner – creamy pasta and garlic bread and an egg custard dessert

Rachel's new diet  

Breakfast - Granola, blueberries and low-fat yoghurt.

Forza Supplements' Raspberry K2s.

Lunch - Grilled chicken, salad with couscous and pomegranate seeds

Dinner - Grilled fish with asparagus and sweet potato.