Although this list was curated before the pandemic hit, it's still worth noting that London ranked first in the list of best cities to live in. It's because of its breathable air, open landscapes, and many greens that mostly come with its tree-filled parks.

London credit pexels-peter-laskowski-3458997

London credit pexels-peter-laskowski-3458997

London is also famous globally with its international corporations, direct flight connections, and significant financial centres scattered. Moreover, London's vibrant nightlife and endless selection of busy restaurants attract tourists.

And because of these many reasons, it’s no question why you might want to settle here. Do you want to have your own home in London? Don’t worry! There are always new build homes for sale in this great city.

But since London is a vast area stretching 1.1 miles, where is the perfect place for you? The following list has 15+ best places to live in London in 2021.

1.   Camden

Located in north London, Camden has a lively neighbourhood with Camden lock and live music venues. It also has parks such as Primrose Hill. There are larger homes next to Primrose Hill, and apartments are also available near the metro.

2.   Shoreditch

In east London, with its urban edge, gritty atmosphere sits Shoreditch. Enjoy the graffiti as most of the walls are covered in it. You can also take a stroll through Brick Lane Market with ramshackle bars, shops, and even street food pop up stands.


3.   North Greenwich

Greenwich is now developing quickly with The O2 leisure complex and modern residential high-rises. London City Airport is also near.

Homes are almost exclusively apartments and are fitting for young professionals and couples. Despite North Greenwich's development, there are still some affordable historic neighbourhoods nearby.

4.   Putney

Putney is a quiet neighbourhood but still has easy access to central London because of its direct link to the Waterloo station. It's along the River Thames in southwest London. It has many young residents, making it the perfect spot if it's your first time settling in London.

5.   Fulham

Because of its many considerable period homes, the Fulham Broadway, and Fulham Palace House and Gardens with 13 acres of botanical gardens, Fulham is considered to be for affluent families with premium housing stock. It also has famous shopping streets like Fulham Road and King's Road.

6.   Bermondsey

It's a riverside neighbourhood east of London Bridge. Some attractions are Bermondsey Street with its cafes, restaurants, antique markets that open weekly, and Butler's Wharf with waterfront eateries that were once dockside warehouses.

7.   Teddington

Another developing area with suburban charm for young families is Teddington. It has Bushy Park and other open spaces to enjoy. It sits along the river with Teddington Lock and has Strawberry Hill House that’s perfect for a weekend away enjoying the gardens.

8.   Marylebone

The calm neighbourhood of Marylebone is in central London and is just a short walk from Oxford Street. Despite its serenity, the place doesn't lack pubs and cafes located in Marylebone High Street.


9.   Highbury

Located in north London with sleek breweries and restaurants is Highbury. It's a relaxed and friendly neighbourhood that's perfect for young families.

10.  Dulwich

Looking for a different feel of London? Dulwich is a leafy town in south London that doesn't have a metro station that keeps its small-town atmosphere. It also has relaxed pubs and cafes with a boating lake in Dulwich Park.

11.  Brixton

An energetic neighbourhood with its multicultural and modern take of London is Brixton. It's in south London with a lively spirit with a well-connected metro.

12.  Richmond

When Richmond's mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is the vast Richmond Park, an important habitat for wildlife and a National Nature Reserve. It is also a royal park expanding 2,500 acres. Richmond is in southwest London with a District underground line and overground railway station and bus routes.

13.   Clapham

Bars and restaurants in Clapham High Street are popular among the younger crowds while Clapham Old Town is for those who prefer a relaxed vibe. It's a rich residential suburb with many amenities.

14.  Crouch End

Want a break from city life? Then choose Crouch End. Located north of London, but still just a commuting distance from central London, it's small and village-like with no substantial tourist attractions and no new developments or high-street shops. Instead, it has quirky boutiques and local cafes.

15.   Chiswick

Chiswick is popular among city-workers who craves a slow-down of life outside work. It has excellent transport links with a genuine village feel with Georgian and Edwardian houses.

16.  Ruislip

West of central London is Ruislip. It is for families wanting good-value housing: the area is peaceful and quiet but still has underground links to the central city. There are also plenty of green spaces such as farmlands, woodlands, and even waters, making it perfect for country living while not giving up city life.

17.  Bexley

One of the safest areas in London located on the east side of the capital is Bexley. It has some of the best-value areas in London with 100 parks home to trees near 200 years old.

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