Summers are all fun and games till you’re trying to go to bed and there’s still light streaming into your bedroom. If you’re a heavy sleeper, you will be familiar with the annoying sensation of having to get up out of bed and close the curtains or pull down the blackout shades. To eliminate all that suffering, we bring you electric blackout blinds. Yes, this revolutionary discovery will help you plunge your room into comfortable darkness right from the comfort of your bed. Not convinced yet? Here are 8 of the most brilliant advantages you will receive with electric blackout blinds -

Install electric blinds

Install electric blinds

  1. The best option for privacy

You don't want sneaky eyes prying into your bedroom while you rest. Installing blackout blinds will protect you from the outside world. With an electric variant, you can close your blinds from a different part of the home, or even from someplace else. You can operate them with a timer or remote control to preserve your privacy at all times.

  1. Help your kids sleep better

You can also install blackout blinds in your child’s bedroom to create a dark and calm sleeping space for them. This way, your child will sleep undisturbed by sunlight. Also, if you want to wake them up naturally, you can do so by opening the blinds to their room with your remote control. Electric blinds do not come with any cords or strings, so they are by no means a choking hazard for your child.

  1. Reduce Electricity bills

You can save on insulation and heating costs by installing electric blackout blinds. Simply lower the blinds when you are feeling a bit chilly. The dark fabric will not allow the heat to escape, thereby making your home warmer. Remember, the darker your fabric, the more light and heat it will absorb during the day.

  1. Cool down

You can also reduce the temperature of your home by keeping the blinds down during the summer since an opaque shade or blind will not allow any sunlight to pierce through the fabric.

  1. Add to your modern home décor

Electric blinds are both stylish and convenient, which makes them a perfect addition to your modern home. They will amp up the sophisticated look of your property. You will be able to make the most of natural light for as long as possible, thus creating a green living space for yourself and your family.

  1. Protect your furniture

Your vintage furniture can go through some serious damage if it comes in contact with sunlight, so you can draw your electric blinds shut in places where the sunlight falls on them directly.

  1. Wake up naturally

It is always better to wake up to the sun streaming into your room than to a blaring alarm clock. Preset your blinds to open at a particular time and find yourself feeling rejuvenated in the morning

  1. Get a good night’s sleep

If you prefer sleeping in complete darkness, these blinds are the choice for you since they block out everything- even the glare from streetlights


Of course, there are many other advantages of getting electric blinds, but these eight definitely point to the most obvious reasons as to why it is always better to get some electric blinds for your modern home today!


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