Pretty much everyone is guilty of having more stuff in their house than they need to. You might kid yourself that having twenty extra towels in your home makes you more productive, as you can just grab a new one straight away, but in reality, it just puts off the job you have to do, and makes it worse when you're finally forced to do it. 

Home and Garden on Female First

Home and Garden on Female First

Having less of certain items will help you stop doing this, as you'll have to clean whatever it is as soon as you've used it. Decluttering has many other benefits too: you'll be less stressed, you'll sleep better, and things will be easier to find. It's also likely that your house will be cleaner too, as less mess means everything will be much easier and quicker to clean, so you're more likely to keep on top of it.

One thing I can guarantee you will have too much of is beauty products. Makeup, nail varnish, toiletries: you've got way too many of these. It'd be fine if they were all different, and you used them all, but in the main, you only use a couple of colours of nail varnish, and the rest are all dried up or only have a bit left. Throw out the ones you're never going to use, you'll be able to see what you have better.

I'm particularly guilty of this one: having too many books, CDs and DVDs. If it's a holiday read you're never going to pick up again, take it to the charity shop. Someone else will love it better than you do, it's not made to just collect dust on your shelves (P.S. I could take note of my own advice here. I have at least five copies of all the Shakespeare plays at home, and two copies of the same edition of The Catcher In The Rye).

Clear out your mugs. It's unlikely you'll ever be catering for the number of people equal to the amount of cups you have in your cupboards. Most people have one mug they use all the time, so why the need for another fifteen? Chuck them out, and you'll be able to organise your cupboards better.

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