Regardless of whether it's a brisk shower to wake up in the morning or a long bath to relax in the evening, we all love spending a bit of time in the bathroom during the week. You can shut yourself off from the rest of the house and have some quality "me time" without any chores or deadlines getting in the way!

Bathroom Tips

Bathroom Tips

Still, as great as your bathroom might be, we think there's always some tips and tricks to improve this part of the home without needing to spend thousands on renovation costs. Even if your bathroom is on the smaller side, there are plenty of professional space-saving solutions that will result in a trendy, functional room that should be your haven and an area you look forward to every single day.

Think a bit more green

We're not talking about painting your bathroom walls (although green is quite a calming colour we must say), but trying more to be eco-friendly overall. Just like Mel C has sung about in her bathroom gig, we've all got to try a little harder about preventing water waste and to consider the environment effects, not to mention the cost-saving benefits too. You can start by placing a bucket under the shower to collect water as you wait for it to warm up. Use this excess water for the plants outside, to wash vegetables, or even cleaning dishes. Another idea is to install sensor taps for your bathroom, as these shut off automatically when not in use and are way more hygienic.

Go for a shower niche

Sometimes called a shower shelf or recess, this is essentially a small, square section of the wall cut out in order to make a handy area to store soaps and shampoos. It reduces the need for a shower caddy and placing all those bottles on the floor, which makes for a neater, classier space without any clutter. Try it for a DIY project if you have the time and skills, but many professionals can also sort this out easily enough. While you're at it, you might want to replace the shower curtain with a glass door, as this is a more modern option that reduces water spill, is easier to clean, and prevents the shower losing heat.

Install floating features

If there's a bathroom trend that is really starting to take off in recent years, then it's floating vanities and toilets. Fixed to the wall (so not technically floating) but with the pipes hidden behind, floating toilets look classier and are much easier to clean because dirt and germs have fewer places to get trapped. For the same reason, floating vanities are easier for the mop and vacuum to access underneath, and you'll have so much more storage and counter space to prevent a cluttered bathroom. If you're looking to sell your home or simply want a bit of an update, then floating features are almost certainly future-proof and a sign of a well-designed, classy bathroom.


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