We’ve all been there- we’ve all spent good money on products and tools that promise the earth and deliver nothing. So, if you want your hair routine to be a seamless part of getting ready each day, here are my top tips. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

  1. Purge first: As with most minimalist advice, the usual place to begin is with a good clear out. If you are overwhelmed with products and accessories for your hair, the first port of call is to declutter your hair related items from your space. We have a whole list of things you can focus on below, so start out with the obvious and keep everything in your hair category to a sensible amount and hold onto just the items you actually use. 
  2. Find a good hairdresser and stick with them: It can take a while to find someone you trust with your hair, but once you find the person who understands the colour and texture of your hair and how to bring out the best in it- make sure you never let them go. It may cost you a little more to see this person, however better to spend the extra and get a haircut you really love than moving around from one hairdresser to another. Chances are, if you don’t like your haircut you will want it cut sooner to undo the damage of the last one- meaning you will spend more in the long run anyway. 
  3. Use products that are suitable for your hair type: If you choose any old shampoo, conditioner and styling product that aren’t necessarily tailored to your hair type, it’s always going to look dull and lifeless. Again, being a minimalist means you can spend more on items such as these because you aren’t wasting your money elsewhere- especially on a number of cheaper products that are all going to have the same disappointing outcome. If you trust your hairdresser- ask them for recommendations- they are the best person to advise you. Plus, more expensive hair products may seem like a rip off, but often a little goes a long way.
  4. Don’t follow trends if they don’t suit your hair type: If you have naturally dry hair, straightening it every day probably isn’t going to do it much good. Perhaps you don’t have the right face shape for a bob, even if everyone else around you is getting one. If a side fringe irritates you- don’t get one. Following the latest hair craze that you know deep down isn’t for you will probably result in follow up haircuts to fix the problem, new accessories to try and restyle something you already hate or products to repair the damage. When you follow any fashion, it usually results in the accumulation of more stuff and parting with more money than you originally planned to. 
  5. Less is more: You probably don’t need any more than a cleanser, conditioner and a styling product for your hair, so if you are using several layers of product, it might be time to try a less is more approach. Give your hair a chance to breathe and don’t overload it with serums, mousses and gels. Like anything in life, the more you pile on, the worse it’s going to be. Excess stuff leads to a clogged space, surplus negativity leads to a cluttered mind and lots of products leads to unhappy hair. While I am not asking you to give up shampoo altogether, like some minimalists suggest, try putting less on your locks and see how they respond. 
  6. Don’t get sucked into buying new gadgets: There are so many gadgets on the market that promise to revolutionise your hair routine, when often, they actually over complicate something that is quite simple. Avoid watching shopping channels and YouTube reviews as you will only get sucked into buying something you don’t need. It probably won’t deliver what you want it to anyway, leaving you with more stuff in your home and less money in your pocket. If your hairdryer has served you well for years, why do you need one that costs £300? If your brush does a perfectly good job- do you really need to discard it for a new one because a friend recommended a new brand to you?
  7. Keep regular appointments: If you have a regular time slot for your haircuts, chances are you will stick to the same cut or allow yourself to think carefully about any changes you want to make to your style. To go months between cuts and then spontaneously make an appointment means you will probably opt for something more radical when you do go which you might not like. A scheduled cut every one or two months will help you to budget well for your hair and your products because you are more likely to make them last until you can replenish your stocks at the salon again. As with most minimalist tasks- a little and often approach works well to maintain all aspects of life, including your hair.

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Everyday products: This might include shampoos, conditioners, mousse, styling gels, hair dyes and hair spray. Perhaps you bought some products that didn’t suit your hair type and never got around to using them again. Maybe you purchased a bottle or two for something and you never really liked the smell of or were given some for a gift and know that they are not your first choice. If this sounds like you- donate anything that falls under these categories to your local charity shop or give them away to friends and family who are willing to take them off your hands. Ask around and people might be looking for things for car boot stalls and school fairs too....

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