For the second year running, many won’t be able to see their mum this Mother’s Day because of the lockdown restrictions. If you are in this position and can’t give a present to your mum in person, here are some alternative gift ideas if your mother is a minimalist at heart. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Flowers: A classic choice, but also one you can have delivered on your behalf with a heartfelt message like ‘sorry I can’t be with you’. Delivery services offer budget friendly options and if you have a bit extra to spend- more expensive bouquets too which will no doubt cheer her up in your absence. As flowers don’t last forever, they will give her some pleasure while they are in bloom, but don’t take up space permanently in her home. 

A digital magazine subscription: If your mum used to regularly buy magazines but stopped because they were clogging up her coffee table, you could get her a digital magazine app subscription for one month so she can have access to all her favourites and more. Or pay for a six month or year’s worth subscription if your budget will stretch a little further. A clutter free solution that still allows her to indulge in all the reading she could possibly want.  

An audiobook subscription: If you mum is an avid reader of novels, you could get her an audiobook subscription so she can listen to all the books she’s been meaning to read while doing other things around the home. Perfect for listening to while doing indoor activities like taking baths, exercising, gardening and cooking and as a distraction from chores like ironing, cleaning and putting in the washing!  

A streaming service subscription: One thing is certain- lockdown and TV watching go hand in hand, so a subscription to Now TV, Amazon Prime or Netflix could be just the ticket so she has something to watch other than news updates. Find out what her favourite show is or ask her about one she’s been meaning to watch for a while and do a bit of research to see which one is streaming it right now. 

Chocolates: There are lots of shops that will deliver chocolates straight to your mum’s door- Thorntons, Marks and Spencers and Hotel Chocolat (to name just a few) all offer a delivery service on their products, so if your mum has a sweet tooth, make sure she has something lovely to tuck into on the day. One plus of not seeing her is you can’t pinch any of them! And like the flowers, they won’t stick around for long creating excess in her home- you can’t go wrong with a consumable gift when buying for a minimalist. 

Experience vouchers and tickets: We are in a place now where we can start and make plans for the rest of the year so buy her a voucher or tickets she can use for when the restrictions lift on June 21st. Depending on what she likes, this could be for a spa day, the cinema, a restaurant, afternoon tea, the theatre, a hotel- whatever you feel she’s missed the most in the last year- give her the chance to enjoy it again once she is able and she can pop it in her diary for something to look forward to.

Ask her what she wants: Minimalists are never offended when people ask them what they need or want because it saves bringing things into their space that they simply won’t use. If you are really struggling, ask her what it is she would like you to get for her. My mother has asked for a tree to plant in her garden this year for instance, which I would never have thought to buy on my own if I hadn’t asked her the question. Buying her this gift means she has something to admire in her garden all year round- the gift that keeps on giving!

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