If you’re obsessed with the world of interiors, you find beauty in a scatter cushion strategy, your heart races over the perfect ornament assembly and you sometimes get emotional when a gallery wall comes together even better than you imagined.

Women Painiting

Women Painiting

Here are a few other key signs you’re a sucker for interiors…

1. You know each Farrow & Ball shade by its name

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You can’t help but secretly high-five yourself when you walk into a friend’s house and correctly identify their living room paint shade, simply on eyesight alone.

It’s a rare but impressive talent that’s developed from years of studying interiors magazines and obsessively collecting swatches from DIY shops. You know your ‘Elephant’s Breath’ from your ‘Wimborne White’, and you could spot a kitchen painted in ‘Railings’ blue from a mile off.

2. You’ve bookmarked all of your favourite websites for daily ‘research’

While most people find relaxation in running a bath or getting stuck into a good book, you get a dopamine hit from checking out the new sofas on Made.com and Loaf.

You’re so obsessed you’ve even stopped shopping for your actual home. Now you’re just scrolling for a total fantasy life that you’ve devised in your head. You regularly play a game of, ‘If money was no object’, and pick out the perfect pieces for your make-believe chateau in the south of France. Well, we can dream.

3. Every corner of your home is perfectly styled

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You regularly find yourself standing at the doorway to a room, silently appreciating how perfect your house or flat is.

And although you hate to admit it, you get super stressed when house guests come over. They leave their dirty mugs on your pretty side tables, hang their wet bath towels over the back of the doors and leave their shoes cluttering up your magazine-worthy space. Have some respect, people.

4. You’ve got several Pinterest boards on the go

You’ve gone totally Monica Geller on the organisation of your interiors boards for your future dream house.

You started by allocating a board per room, but now your frantic pinning has spawned several other micro-boards for different trends and themes. Scrolling through your extensive Pinterest filing system has become your happy place.

5. Your plants are like your children

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… you’ve even got names for them. You’re a bit worried that Kevin isn’t getting enough sunlight and poor Sandra seems to be on her last legs, despite getting round-the-clock care. You’ve definitely crossed the line into ‘crazy plant parent’ territory.

6. A crooked frame can send you into meltdown

Thank heavens for the spirit level.

7. You get excited by lamps and vases

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You don’t quite know when it happened, but at some point you stopped finding a thrill in boozy nights out, preferring to get your kicks from a trip to the local lighting shop instead.

You know deep down that you’re boring your friends to death with your endless pictures of your latest purchases, but after spending an entire weekend painting, potting, arranging and photographing your updated space, your really think you deserve a pat on the back. Perhaps it’s time to set up an interiors Instagram account?

8. You’re constantly switching things around

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One universal thing about interiors obsessives is that they get bored really easily. Just as soon as you’re happy with a space, you’re ready to mix it around and try something different.

It’s a frustrating personality habit for your partner, who is regularly roped in to heaving furniture around the house until your creative eye is appeased.

9. You have to restrain yourself from schooling your friends

You’d never out-and-out judge someone for their home, but seriously, you can’t understand why your friend hasn’t updated their magnolia walls in over a decade… or done something about that ghastly three-piece leather suite that belongs to another era (and not in a good way).

You’d love to be unleashed on their house with a paint roller and a drill, and you’ve already spent an evening secretly devising what you’d do to their space if you got the chance to give it a makeover.

Until then, you’ll have to make do with subtly sending them hints over the group chat. Magnolia is so last season, guys…

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