We all dream of having a big, lavish home with the walk-in wardrobe and enough rooms to sleep your entire family, but it seems that this dreamy idea is a little out of our reach, according to new research.

Home and Garden on Female First

Home and Garden on Female First

Shurgard Storage Company has revealed that due to the rise in property prices, home buyers are sacrificing extra space to save money.

The survey, which polled 3,000 British residents, found that this lack of space has led to the death of the spare room.

Space in the home is decreasing with the rising number of ‘boomerang kids’ forced to move back home after university, as well as the surge in the elder generation moving in with their grown up children, homes are becoming jam-packed more than ever before.

A quarter of those surveyed, who have a spare room, admitted to using it as a junk room, for miscellaneous storage, instead of utilising it as living space.

Further findings revealed that our belongings are now hidden all over the house as 35% of people say they store items in the loft and 29% hide them under the bed, with another 18% using sheds or garages.

Duncan Bell, VP Operations at Shurgard said: "Everyone is feeling the squeeze with property prices increasing at such a rate. We know people are struggling to afford the space they need so it's time to start changing the way we store our belongings.

"Rather than clogging up the home, look at alternative options - using a self-storage facility can be a cost effective way to keep hold of treasured possessions and create a little more breathing room in the home."

Property in the UK is at its highest with new sellers rocketing the asking price by 3.3% (or £8,103) this month. The average UK property is now priced at £251,964, over £16,000 more than a year ago.

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