There are things in the home that inevitably make it feel more oppressive if there is enough of them around. Here are just seven of the items that can easily make your space busier than you want it to. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Cushions: When decorating your couch- stick to one cushion per family member, if everyone likes to sit with their back against one or cuddle into one while watching TV. If not, opt for one or two to break up the vertical space or to tie in with the colour of your curtains. Having a full run of cushions, especially if they are all different can be a visual assault. 

Pillows: Similarly, you only need the amount of pillows on your bed that you actually sleep on. Anymore than this is unnecessary. Decorative throw pillows may be pretty but they can also make your room look more cluttered than it needs to be. Go for function over appearance and you will be able to maintain a simple looking space. Plus you don't have to waste time on taking them off and putting them back every morning and evening. 

Plants: Rather than having one plant here and another over there- which can quickly fill your surfaces, opt for one large plant that you love and can dedicate all your energy into keeping alive and well. This will make a statement and creates minimal aesthetic fuss. 

Pictures: Look at all the pictures on your wall. Remove any generic and purely decorative pieces and leave only the ones that mean something to you. A sign that says, ‘live, laugh, love’ is likely to hold less sentiment than a framed picture that your child painted for instance. Once you remove the excess art for your wall, your home will not only look less busy, but you will have a greater appreciation for what is left. 

Rugs: The eye will be immediately drawn to the floor if you have a lot of coverings on there. Too many rugs in one space can be visually overwhelming. Rather than a number of rugs on the floor, choosing something large that will sit easily under furniture will open up the room, even if it’s a small space. 

Ornaments: Even a room with one solitary shelf jam packed with nick-nacks can make the rest of the space look crowded. Better to single out one larger piece that really means something to you, discard those that don’t bring you joy and give the precious item some room to be showcased. As soon as it has breathing space, the rest of the will room appear to as well. 

Jars and containers: Having all your kitchen containers out on the countertops is the quickest way to make this room feel like it’s closing in on you. While you might prefer glass jars to the packets your produce comes in, better to select and display the one you use all the time and need quick access too rather than have everything out on view.

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