I have been a serial mover arounder of furniture since I was in my teens- I got bored of the same room layout easily, which meant I often moved things around to give my room a new look. My parents would hear the sound of things being dragged across the floor and say ‘she’s at it again!’ It’s something I still do and find huge benefit in, so I’m here to tell you while it’s good for your both mind and home. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Regular deep cleaning: By altering the layout of your rooms often, you can keep on top of the deep cleaning in your home meaning you no longer have to wait until the big spring clean to hoover under the bed or pull out the sideboard. You can keep on top of these problem areas all the more if you move furniture every few months so your home is more sanitary. 

It keeps the decor in your home fresh: If you are fed up of seeing the same things in the same place when you enter a room, this is a free and easy way to give it a lift. Before looking for new furniture, why not play around with what you already have and see what new configurations you can find? 

It helps to make the most of your pieces: If you have a piece of furniture that’s not working for you, by moving it around the room or putting it another room completely, you might find that it serves you better elsewhere. For instance, the nightstands that you never use in your bedroom might make great coffee tables in your living room. 

It helps you to appreciate what you have more: If you move something that you rarely used into a place where it’s suddenly invaluable to your daily life, it encourages you to be grateful for what is already in your space rather than looking for something new. That  armchair might have been a dumping ground for clothes in your bedroom, but in your lounge by the window, it might provide a comfortable place to sit with a book, thus making a new reading nook.  

Perfect for if you are working to a tight budget: If you desperately want to buy new pieces for your home, this is a great way to change things up to save you spending money on new items, when it might just be the location of your furniture that is making you crave a different look. Or perhaps a little TLC and DIY would help to give it a new life?

It keeps you on your toes: If you move things on a regular basis, you can’t become complacent in your home. You need to think about where to locate something rather than just mindlessly, heading to the same spot every time.

Things that aren’t working stand out: If you move a piece into several locations and it just doesn’t work in any of them, you know then that the item doesn’t fit in your home. If this is the case, you can make money on it by putting it on a second hand site or give it away to allow you some well needed space. 

Happy moving!

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