We have all been there. Fantasizing about our favorite idols and pop stars, maybe even putting a poster on the wall. For others, this even goes further. Complete walls are packed with posters from their idols. However, times come and go and… when you got older you might want to get rid of them. Puberty is such a period where hormones come and go, and so does your taste for your room’s interior.

Home Decor

Home Decor

Why do I have Pink Wallpaper

That’s a very good question. Maybe you liked the color in elementary school, but at a certain point you want to get it off. What about painting the wall white? Or take a fancy and trendy color? All is possible, but you need to get the wallpaper off first. Well, there are multiple ways to do it…

Wallpaper remover can be a life saver

You could take a very cumbersome approach and start peeling it of, but the easiest way remains wallpaper remover. You simply put it onto the wall and it will do its magic. Once the wallpaper remover . We recommend using a renowned brand such as HG, which is a key player in the market. Hereby you make sure that the wallpaper is removed like it should; no remainders and no damaged walls.

Changing furniture?

There is more than wallpaper when it comes to adjusting your room. What about your furniture? Often it is not necessary to get rid of it. Maybe you can paint it? Make the design simpler? Re-work it to your own taste? There are many options you can consider before throwing it out as trash. If you do decide to throw it away, consider giving it to a second hand store. You can make others happy with your product when it is still living up to expectations.

Cleaning your floor

Cleaning a floor can be a hassle, but luckily there are many products in the market that help. For example, laminate gloss cleaner and wax remover. These products allow you to efficiently clean your floor. With special cleaners and wax being available for laminate, tiles and cement grout there is a product for everyone. Simply spread the substance over your floor and start cleaning. Next time you know, you are welcomed in a completely different room.

HG is market leader in wallpaper remover....... and more

Besides being active with wallpaper remover, there is a broad range of products that can be effective when you want to change things in your room. For example, want to clean your curtains? HG has a special product for this! Want to clean your windows? HG to the rescue! They even offer products that help against nasty smells and the cleaning of masonry