Written by Stuart Miles- the UK's leading ageing expert and founder of MilesYounger.com

Stuart Miles

Stuart Miles

There are some celebrities who never seem to age, even when you see them in a fan selfie they always seem to manage to maintain a flawless look. The rest of us are forced to face the horror of that unflattering photo when our friends tag us on facebook! These celebrities are using clever tricks and techniques to improve their look on camera, tricks we can all start using to look younger when faced with the camera. Using these methods, you’ll always look your best in photos even when it’s not your finger behind the lens.

These are the techniques that celebrities use to make themselves look younger on camera.

They shoot their selfies from above. By looking up at the lens gravity does all the work. It helps smooth your skin out and hides any lines or sagging and also helps slim down your face. This is a great example where Angelina Jolie places the camera above her head which provides her with a much more flattering angle.

They carry a heavy fringe. This is one of the oldest tricks in the book but on those days where make up and lighting is not great a celebrity can hide those forehead lines with a heavy fringe. It will also help draw attention to your cheekbones and mouth. Team that with a pair of large dark glasses and basically you are hiding half your face!

Vogue Editor-In-Chief Anna Wintour has always worn this classic bob with a heavy fringe which is so flattering, especially for a woman of her age. As we know she is not averse to wearing her dark glasses at any occasion, even when sitting next to Her Majesty The Queen.

They never smile in photos. Smiling instantly causes lines to show either side of the eyes.

Some would call them laughter lines but in photos these wrinkles either side of our eyes are a tell-tale sign of our age. Much better for celebrities to pout which pulls the lips forward and at the same time stretches the skin tightly across the cheekbones, defining them much more. Results-defined cheekbones and no eye wrinkles instantly. Victoria Beckham became known for her pout but then Kim Kardashian came along and sent the pout into a different league!

They open their mouth widely and do the surprised face. This pose always conveys spontaneous fun and excitement but it has a hidden miracle attached to it! It stretches out your face, concealing any sagging so it appears line free. It’s like a mini facelift and Goldie Hawn is a master at it!

They stand slightly behind the fan in a selfie. You would think a celebrity would want to claim the foreground but no and here is the clever reason why. The camera always focuses on the main foreground, for example the fan. Anything behind it will be in slightly softer focus which is much more flattering. Take Beyonce, she is in the background in this selfie, not something that she is used to. Background is good though as it equals soft focus so she’s not complaining, especially when having to stand next to such a young fan with such perfectly youthful skin!

So next time that friend spontaneously grabs you for that selfie, remember these 5 tricks and you too can look that bit younger. You will end up in a more flattering photo for sure, one that you are happy to be tagged in!