Recently I caught up with Lorraine Kelly for my new podcast series Milesyounger- How to Age Well.

Lorraine Kelly

Lorraine Kelly

She is someone who has been a permanent fixture on our TV screens for the last 30 years and let’s be honest, looks better than ever! I wanted to find out how she has done it so that I could share it with you so I popped along to her dressing room one morning after the show.

When I asked her how she looked so great at 58 with typical modesty she said to me,

“In my 30’s and 40’s, I looked like a bag of washing, I was getting no help with style. My hair was tragic and I went shopping and just grabbed things without thinking it through. But I’m lucky because now I get help…everyone needs help and for me help has helped.”

It seems that taking advice and getting help is something we are sometimes afraid to do in case we are made to feel out of our comfort zone but I would say take the help of a professional, just look at Lorraine.

Sometimes we are too quick to believe what social media or friends tell us and as you know you can’t please all of the people all of the time.

Lorraine believes everyone is looking for a quick fix when it comes to ageing but she doubts there is such a thing,

“It’s all about attitude it’s all about balance!

Some of the most miserable people I know are people are permanently on a diet of Quinoa and Mung beans and you’re like have some chips and curry sauce because it’s really good. We’re here for such a short time you’ve got to enjoy yourself!”

Regular viewers to Lorraine’s show will know that in the past few years she has brought out fitness DVD’s with fitness expert Maxine Jones. I also attend Maxine’s classes regularly and they’re amazing. A full-on hour of dance aerobics that really burns the calories but in a fun and inclusive way. We honestly have a great time and Lorraine would be lost without them.

“When I turned 50 and discovered exercise I actually enjoyed that has made a huge difference to me, it’s just tightened everything up. All the bits that were heading south I managed to stop it for a while”

We then talked about how scrutinised celebrities are now, especially female ones which can put people in the public eye under pressure to try almost anything go look younger.

Lorraine however, has resisted this.

“I have not gone down the route of having surgery or the route of having anything like botox partly because I’m too scared because on my show I have seen how it can make some people look and some people look like they should be on Star Trek.

I’ve earned these laughter lines, I really have.”

Lorraine believes that ageing well is a lot about acceptance. Let’s face it none of us are perfect and as we get older it’s important to pick our battles. Enhance what is great but accept what cannot be changed. Lorraine says,

“I have accepted the fact that I will always have a round tummy, it’s never going to go away unless I get it sucked out and I’m not going to do that”

You may have enjoyed the makeovers they do on Lorraine’s show now and again and if so you will agree with Lorraine when she says that a really good haircut from a professional who can look at your face shape and colour can knock ten years off you.

“Make up too has come on leaps and bounds with that translucent stuff that bounces light back.”

I think you’ll agree that Lorraine has a such a grounded, level headed and completely inspiring message about ageing. One that I totally agree with. If you want to hear more of our chat you can check out the first in a brand new series of the MilesYounger podcast right here!

Enjoy and see you next time!

Written by Stuart Miles- the UK's leading ageing expert and founder of