It’s part three of the capsule wardrobe series, hopefully by now your blank canvas has been filled with jeans, leggings, joggers and skirts. The next step to growing your collection is adding some tops. There are so many different designs of tops to choose from, long sleeved or short, cropped or oversized. This week I am here to make your life easier and give you the six basics you NEED in your wardrobe.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

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Oversized White Shirt 

There’s no better feeling than wearing a crisp, clean, white shirt. It not only makes you look fresh but it is a multi talented item that can be styled in many different ways. An oversized white shirt can be worn for any occasion be it at work for a chic sophisticated look or for popping down to the shops for a casual and relaxed look.

The perfect fit should be slightly oversized and have a longer length to a standard shirt. This is so it can be versatile whether you’re pairing it  with oversized jumpers or wearing as a dress. However it should not be so oversized that it drowns you, try and look for a happy medium. 

To style I would recommend pairing leather leggings, chunky ankle boots and a turtleneck jumper over the top so the shirt is peeking out at the bottom then add a long coat for an elegant day time look. 

The Classic T-Shirt

The classic T is found in everyone’s wardrobe and if you don’t have either a plain black or plain white t-shirt where have you been hiding? This one of the most essential items in your wardrobe and has an unlimited potential to be dressed up or down. 

The perfect fit should be a slightly loose feel so it can be easily knotted or tucked in to compliment your outfit. I would recommend sticking to the neutral colour palette or black and white as we are building the basis of your wardrobe. 

To style I would recommend pairing with mom jeans, chunky trainers, a cropped padded jacket and gold jewellery for a day time look. To take this look to the next level swap the trainers for strappy heels, the padded jacket for a leather jacket and match with a killer handbag for a night on the town.


Bodysuits are a new rage that seems to be sticking in fashion so it is only right we christen your wardrobe with them. Whether it’s casual or fancy a bodysuit can glam up your outfit as they come in thousands of designs such as lace, corset, cut out or high rise (these ones are only for the brave hearted, trust me they’re not the comfiest). 

The perfect fit should be comfortable, this is the most important thing when buying a bodysuit as a tight bodysuit can keep popping open or make it very uncomfortable when sitting so make sure you can maneuver yourself in these we don’t want any injuries. It should be more of a clingy material and it should outline your figure nicely. I would agai stick to the neutral palette or black and white however you can treat yourself to a more daring red for a date night. 

To style add jogging bottoms, chunky trainers and a shacket to create a relaxed and casual look. To style up add heels, a pencil skirt, a statement bag and subtle jewelry for a classy nighttime fit. 

Oversized Jumper 

The oversized jumper has to be one of my favourite pieces for your collection. I definitely get a lot of use out of mine. When I pair them with a matching jogging bottom to go outside I like to call them my ‘outdoor pyjamas’ because they are so relaxed but they can still be fashionable when accessorised well. 

The perfect fit should be similar to the fit of your oversized white shirt, it should have a baggy feel to it and extra room so you can have some guaranteed comfort. I would recommend matching your oversized jumper to the colour of your jogging bottoms just to make a full set, however if you don’t want to create a tracksuit look that is fine you just have the option to. 

To style I would add leather leggings, calf length chunky boots and a shacket to create an edgy look. For lounging about or a quick trip to the shops I would match with the same coloured jogging bottom, chunky trainers and longer teddy coat for a warm and fuzzy look. 


Turtlenecks have really made a comeback this season they seem to be everywhere. I was very sceptical about buying my first but now I haven't looked back and seemed to have accumulated six so far. With the cold British weather only getting worse these are an investment for staying warm whilst still looking stylish. 

The perfect fit, depends on whether you opt for a jumper or top. For a jumper it should have a chunkier neck detail that is looser than the standard, whereas a top should have a more fitted neck and be a thinner material. White, black and browns are perfect for this autumn and give a cosy vibe when you're out in the cold air. 

To style add a pair of biker boots, skinny jeans, a long teddy coat and a beanie hat for the perfect winter look. Another way to style would be to add a pair or leather leggings, a shirt underneath and a cross body bag for a stylish daytime look.

Cropped Jumper 

It may seem a bit cold to be getting anything cropped but this is a wardrobe staple that can be styled in multiple ways. Now we’re all in lockdown 2.0 loungewear and jumpers are an essential just as much as toilet roll was the first time round, get your hands on yours before the panic buyers beat you to it. 

The perfect fit should finish just above your belly button so it highlights your waist and doesn’t leave you feeling too exposed. A lot of cropped jumpers come with an elasticated bottom to keep you a little bit warmer, and help to give a relaxed feel.

To style I would add with matching jogging bottoms, a shacket, a crossbody bag and chunky biker boots for a casual shopping look. For a stay at home look match with a gin and your favourite pair of slippers you deserve it!

Ready. Set. Shop. 

For all the pieces I have mentioned I would recommend visiting any of these sites: ASOS, Because of Alice, Zara, Pretty Little Thing, Missguided and Boohoo. Get those bank cards out, it's time to treat yourself!

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