Athleisure is hugely popular and has had a revival since the 90s when sports brands ruled supreme and it was cool to be casual.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

During the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve seen a shift towards comfortable clothing and loungewear, cycling shorts as well as leggings have become popular once again.

The beauty of leggings is that they are comfortable but you can make them stylish in many ways, without looking scruffy.

With anything more fitted on the bottom half, go for a loose top. This works for cycling shorts or leggings and is great if you prefer something that skims over the tummy or you just want to show the legs off a bit more!

The key with leggings is to go for thick ones, or you will end up looking as though you’re wearing tights.

Day wear:

The Next ponte leggings are a favourite with my clients as they are thick and provide great tummy support due to their high waist.

Add an oversized tee for an on trend look.

Add a pair of trainers to make your look stylish, daytime appropriate and comfy as anything!

For winter, look for loose, longline knitwear to wear with your leggings. You can go for a chunky roll neck jumper with statement biker boots and a teddy bear coat, if you like something edgy. If you prefer to keep your look soft and feminine, go for a longline plaid shirt and long, knee-high boots with a camel coloured coat or cape.

Evening wear:

Leggings also work for evening wear and you can’t go wrong with leather leggings. Add a silky, sexy cami and a longline blazer. If you feel too chilly for a strappy cami this season, look for a printed blouse, add a chunky statement necklace and either a blazer or suedette biker jacket.

Finish off with heels to take those leggings firmly from daywear to nightwear. The best heels to wear with coated leggings would be court shoes, stilettos or shoe boots.

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Sports wear:

If you like to wear leggings when you workout, there are so many fun designs that will make exercise enjoyable. Step away from your comfort zone of black, and choose high waisted which means they won’t budge when you’re squatting, running or lifting.

If you want to lengthen those legs, step away from ¾ length styles and choose full length leggings instead.

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