Leggings have always been a popular item of legwear since they first became big in the 1980s. But it is possible for an already popular item to enjoy a Renaissance too. Leggings are getting more and more popular right now, and we are pretty excited about this new burst of interest in such a wonderful and versatile piece of design. So why are leggings becoming all the rage, all over again? All of a sudden, sports leggings, casual leggings and coloured leggings are back with a vengeance. Let's find out.



Fashion leggings are the most popular new take on this trend, by far. But why exactly? Well, one reason is that they are printable and easy to design for. With so many different subculture trends in fashion at the moment, like retro designs, the '80s and '90s revivals, and glitch art being so big, leggings are ideal. The hectic and colourful patterns of these trends mean that any shape or size or colour scheme can be used, and as leggings move and shift as you walk and are close fitting, these patterns have to be carefully picked. Fashion leggings are best when they are not too organised, or uniform, so glitchy art and retro '80s motifs are ideal for their asymmetry and wacky looks.

Another reason is that they are often made of thicker materials for coverage, which means that colours print well. Fashion all round is becoming more colourful and exuberant, and fashion leggings are no different. These are one of the best items of legwear to print on, and it was a marvellous innovation in the world of fashion to make these items available for all the most creative designers out there.

Another big reason for the amazing popularity of leggings is their ease. They are effortlessly stylish, showing off your figure and being thoroughly comfortable while doing so. This way they are as comfy as pyjamas and as flattering as a tailored pair of pants. Leggings can be subtle too, and a simple pair of black leggings without a pattern is as versatile as it is flattering and comfy.

Then, the most interesting new development is perhaps jean leggings. Also known as jeggings, these are one of the best new items as some of them are rather lifelike. They even had stitched on pockets, some functional, to give you the look of real jeans. These leggings are ideal if you want the ease and comfort of leggings without having to wrestle with form-fitting denim or deal with belts and buttons.

Overall, we think that leggings might be among the most gorgeous, innovative and underrated piece of fashion legwear in the past decade, and any fashionista should have a few of them.