Jodie Marsh's Tango Look Is Out

Jodie Marsh's Tango Look Is Out

That gorgeous bronzed look, which gives us all the appearance of a healthy glow, and can be safely achieved via a bottle of St Tropez is officially out of fashion.

Well, it is according to some fashionistas out there and we're not entirely sure we buy it- considering we here at FemaleFirst are serial fake tannists.

Yes, we know it's an alarming thought, considering that most of us feel 'safe' reaching for the (fake tan) bottle on a Friday or Saturday night, but think about it- when was the last time you saw your natural skin colour?

You've probably changed the colour of your foundation in the past, just to match the colour you are when you have a tan, real or not.

Is it ludicrous to suggest that we're a nation of tan addicts? Should we really be saying to tone down the bottled fake tan and go on sunbeds instead? No, of course not, because bottled tan is the safest way to achieve a golden glow, but the problem is that sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you'll end up looking orange at least once.

Ever since we saw the tangoed look on Z list celebrities, lets be honest we've been a bit wary of going overboard on the fake tan, but there's nothing wrong with a subtle glow every now and again is there? Well, in winter nothing is less sexy than a pair of orange legs and a big orange face sticking out amongst the snow.

Jodie Marsh and Jordan should be the patron saints of bad fake tanning, but unbelievably that's the shade which some girls want to aspire to. It's a terrible feeling to overdo the fake tan to a ridiculous level and to then see photos of yourself the next day looking like an Oompa Loompa.

Only last week Valentino was spotted at an awards ceremony looking a mahogany shade of orange, which sparked plenty of debate as to why he used so much fake tan, and why he was sporting the look of a glowing orange beacon.

Lindsay Lohan makes that many tanning mistakes, you think she'd embrace being pale, but no she carries on and makes headlines from it. Li-Lo is quite pale and freckly naturally, and should go with it, instead of trying to cover it up in a mass of badly applied fake tan.

There's a huge trend brewing for the return of pale skin at the moment, which will make a refreshing change from a dismal summer where, if we didn't go away, we faked tanned to look as though we had. In the end we ended up with patchy legs from the monsoon of rain and it was all thoroughly depressing.

Model Daisy Lowe is a prime example of how pale can work on a younger woman, and still look sexy. There seems to have been some confusion along the line, where pale was considered boring and dull, yet nearly every supermodel in the world sports the 'pale' look on a regular basis.

Lily Cole, Agyness Deyn and Erin O'Connor are just some of the big names in fashion, who are inexplicably unique and beautiful.

We're all guilty of indulging in some fake tan every now and again, but why not scrub off those layers you've built up over the years and take a look at your natural skin tone. You may be pleasantly surprised with the results and with how much money you save, by ditching your fake tan habit.

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