Brits biggest holiday worry is not getting a tan

Brits biggest holiday worry is not getting a tan

A new survey from found that coming back from a destination pale and pasty was Brits main worry when jetting off on holiday, closely followed by a missing passport and lost luggage.

The ongoing study is linked to the attitudes of Brits and their holidays. And according to the findings the list of the top 10 fears was as follows:

1. Not getting a tan – 57%

2. Losing passport – 55%

3. Missing luggage – 51%

4. Missed flight – 48%

5. Unsatisfactory accommodation – 46%

6. Bad weather – 42%

7. Running out of money – 37%

8. Disliking resort – 28%

9. Getting ill – 21%

10. Sunburn – 16%

Chris Brown, co-founder of, said: "I think it’s perfectly normal to worry about certain things when going on holiday. Everyone wants to have a great time when going abroad, so if that means leaving 6 hours early to ensure you’re at the airport on time, so be it!"

Mr Brown also recommends that holiday makers spend the time preparing for their getaway, doing plenty of research and collating all the right documents together without having to worry at the last minute.

"As for those most worried about not getting a tan, I wouldn’t be too concerned. You can always top up with the fake stuff to give you a good tan when you get back; no one would know the difference!" He added.