Everyone wants to look their best for the party season

Everyone wants to look their best for the party season

Party season is fast approaching - which means stress, beauty, fashion and a little more stress. We need to look our best don't we?

We've enlisted the help of the Bic Soleil style team to give us their top tips, and according to research conducted by them, women spend more time getting ready for their work Christmas party than for other social events. So here's how you can impress at yours.

The style team, made up of Andrew Barton, top celebrity hairdresser, Alana Phillips, renowned celebrity make-up artist and fashion stylis Hannah Hughes, have offered their top tips so you can look fabulous this festive season.

Alana Phillips, make up artist suggests:

· Skin is always drier in winter time so make sure you are ready for those Chrismas party dresses by moisturising your pins. After you have shaved rub in some body lotion so that your legs will feel smooth and look great.

· My top tip to keep your legs looking glowing, flawless and healthy in the cold weather is to mix some foundation with your moisturiser and smooth all over your legs before your Christmas party.

· If your legs are looking a little bit tired, a sneaky way brighten them up is to dust the front of your legs with a shimmer dust and shade the inside of your thighs with some darker bronzer. The result is legs that look more tanned, toned and party ready.

· To jazz up your Christmas make up, try a different coloured mascara to really bring out the colour of your eyes. If you have brown eyes, use purple mascara, of you have green eyes use a green mascara and if you have blue eyes, use a blue mascara. Brush over your regular mascara for just a hint of colour.

· Another hot look this Christmas is glitter eyeliner. To make your eyes look glamorous for the party season, use liquid eyeliner first and then go over this with a glittery eye liner to add some festive sparkle to your make up.

Andrew Barton, hairdresser to the stars, says:

· Hair for the Christmas party season is all about glamour. This season’s must have hair is a modern take on the beehive. It even has the nifty trick of making a girl look taller. Set hair first in heated rollers, then take out after 10 minutes, turn head upside down and back comb, stand in front of the mirror and grip into place using kirby grips and spray with hairspray.

· If you opt for sleek hair exaggerate the style with a low diagonal parting, spray hair spray close to the hair for a super glossy catwalk look.

· Have a colour to brighten up your hair for the party season it will add shine, banish any greys and totally transform your locks.

· When you spritz perfume over your body, spritz a little of your hair too.

· Triple Barrel Wavers are the coolest HOT tool to create gorgeous waves. Used similar to an iron the hair is waved to perfection.

Hannah Hughes, Fashion Stylist, advises:

· Invest in miracle underwear - it can shave inches off your waist and bum, and the feeling of being sucked in will enhance your posture.

· Show off one asset at a time. Balance a micro mini and bare legs with long sleeves, or a midi length pencil skirt with a flash of cleavage.

· Invest in the right cover-up - a glam party look can be instantly ruined with the wrong coat. Chose a long length tux jacket, smart sixties style coat or a faux fur jacket.

· It’s all in the details. You can breathe new life into an old dress by layering under a sleeveless collared shirt, adding a new belt or adding in statement accessories.

· Don't just stick to dresses. Separates can be just as glam, and you can experiment more with mixing texture and colour. They're also more cost effective, as you can dress them up and down throughout the following year.

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