It's easy to see why Abbey was voted best celeb legs

It's easy to see why Abbey was voted best celeb legs

Abbey Clancy has been voted the best legs in showbiz by British women and these pictures show that it’s easy to see why.

The survey also revealed Holly Willoughby as the ‘best celebrity feet’/

As we enter what is tipped to be the hottest summer on record, it is also revealed that British women will be battling their own confidence knockers of hairy legs, pale skin and hard skin on the feet.

The survey finds that almost half of women cover up their legs and feet in the summer, shunning skirts and sandals in favour of jeans and pumps, with more than half naming a lack of a tan as being their biggest concern. Over a quarter blame their hairy pins and almost half are self-conscious about having hard skin on their feet and cracked heels.

Abbey Clancy says: “It’s no wonder women keep their legs and feet covered up when they feel unprepared to bare their skin. I know I tend to hide in a pair of skinny jeans and ballet pumps when I’ve neglected my legs and feet. However, I get the most compliments and feel best about myself when I have taken the time to ensure my legs are smooth and hair-free and that my feet are well cared for.”

Over two thirds of respondents admire women that look happy and confident in their own skin, with the majority admitting that they get the most compliments when they feel happy and confident about themselves. A third say they receive the most praise when they wear summer dresses that show off their legs and 15 per cent when their feet look beautiful in a pair of strappy shoes.

According to the 2,000 British women questioned, confidence is closely linked with their beauty and grooming routines; with over half saying they feel their best when they have smooth hair free legs and almost a third feeling tip-top when their feet are soft and cared for.

However, it seems that women in the UK are shying away from visiting beauty salons to maintain their body confidence, with more than two thirds using home grooming products to keep their skin smooth and hair free. The high price tag of treatments has been labelled as the nation’s biggest in-salon bug bear, with more than two thirds naming it as an issue. Over a third identify body embarrassment and time issues as other reasons for preferring to groom at home.

Abbey Clancy said: “Any mum with a full time job knows that fitting in time to do even the simple things like going to the gym and shops can be a struggle, never mind finding the time to visit a salon. That’s why products like Veet EasyWax that are quick and easy to use at home are a god send.”

Scholl and Veet have teamed up with Abbey Clancy, to encourage women not to hide their legs and feet away but to show off their bare legs and feet with confidence this summer.

Abbey says: “I feel most confident when I’ve carried out my beauty basics such as waxing and foot care. It’s not just about how great your legs and feet look, but how you feel once they are prepped and ready to bare as soon as the sun comes out. As a model I have learnt how to take care of my body and make sure it’s always looking its best. I love the fact that I can reproduce my backstage beauty routine at home with beauty essentials such as Veet EasyWax and Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi.”

Abbey Clancy has been revealed as the new ambassador for everyday beauty brands Scholl and Veet, with a photoshoot by renowned celebrity photographer Rankin. The shoot showcases Clancy baring her endless legs and perfectly pedicured feet, thanks to using products from the range.

Abbey said: “In the summer I love to wear strappy sandals and to keep my feet looking their best I always use the Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi.”

The striking shots by Rankin, who is known for his edgy style, feature Abbey in an array of settings including a 1950’s style swimwear shoot that sees her showing off her famous assets to perfection, a line-up of mannequins where she is as flawless as the figurines, and in the privacy of her dressing room where you see her carrying out her beauty preparations.

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