Skin care is one of the most popular areas of the beauty industry in 2021. By 2025, the global skin care market is on track to be worth $189.3 billion. Plus, the industry is moving from an older base to one that’s younger and passionate about skin care. Beautician Sabrina Bradley has created her own skin care line, and has made a name for herself despite her humble beginnings.

Image credit Sabrina Bradley

Image credit Sabrina Bradley

Sabrina Bradley’s mother was in and out of prison and addicted to drugs when she had her. Sabrina spent the first few years of her life in foster care until she was adopted at three years old. “I had trouble coming to terms with being adopted,” she explained. “My dad told me not to tell anyone I was adopted. However, I always wondered who my biological parents were.” Unfortunately, Bradley didn’t know a way to get into contact with them. “It made it harder to focus on my dreams. I was incredibly passionate about skin care, but there was always something holding me back.” Eventually, she was able to deal with the issues surrounding her adoption and start SKINbySabrina, her own skin care brand. One day, she got a call randomly on a Sunday, and the person on the other line revealed that she was her mother. She had found Sabrina through her online business. “She’d been living in a shelter in Los Angeles. My heart really went out to her.” She quickly knew that she had to help her mom. She brought her into her home, making space for her in her life. “I didn’t know anything about her, but that was okay. She had always been special to me and someone I wanted in my life.” Unfortunately, Bradley’s relationship with her mother was short-lived because she was still involved with drugs and life on the streets. “I’m still grateful to be able to get that closure. It feels like I know more about myself now than I ever could have imagined.”

Sabrina knew that she had the genetic disposition to end up like her mother, but she also knew that that wasn’t an option for her. “I made a business seeing the beauty in everything around me. I want to show my clients the beauty that lies within them because they’re so important to me. Since I have rocky relationships with my biological family, I sort of see my clients as filling that gap for me.” Despite this hard part of her life, Sabrina has had a love and passion for skin care and the history of esthetics since she was a teenager. “Now I have 20 years of experience as a licensed esthetician and skin care professional, and I couldn’t be prouder.” Her clients are incredibly diverse, having a wide array of skin conditions and types. She also loves helping women of color discover their best skin. “My goal is to help my clients achieve the glow they deserve.”

No matter your beginnings in life, you always have the opportunity to grow and thrive. Sabrina Bradley and her skin care brand SKINbySabrina are the best evidence of that.


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