Tom Ford is apparently a big fan of having botox done

Tom Ford is apparently a big fan of having botox done

We've looked at make-up, leggings and hair products on men, but now it's time to explore the biggest taboo of them all- botox on men.

Botox has become widely accepted over the past few years among women, with salons holding botox parties and encouraging quick lunch-time fixes for those on-the-go ladies.

So why is a such a shock to the system when we hear that men are getting in on the act too? Well, aside from the fact that they are slowly morphing into women, it just seems a little odd that they'd willingly have injections inserted for beauty purposes.

Don't get us wrong, this new breed of metrosexuals are very vain, but that's what the fake tan, make-up and hair straighteners are all for, but now to take it one step further is a tad disturbing.

We blame celebrity endorsers for kick-starting this trend among men, as it was the one 'safe haven' if you like, where we ruled the roost. Every other beauty ritual has been violated over the years, so it's only right that we feel put out by this news.

Waxing is now regularly encouraged among men, as is plucking their eyebrows and having facials done regularly, to give them baby soft skin. Bizarre doesn't even begin to cover it.

While we're not against people having it done, it is a more possessive thing, which will keep the battle of the sexes going for many years to come.

Men are no longer men, they are men who care about their appearance and use every trick in the book to get them looking their best.

In other words, they've finally cottoned on to our beauty routine and have decided to give it a go, but does this latest botox trend take it one step too far, or is it perfectly normal for men to have it?

Simon Cowell has reportedly admitted he has botox, but not obsessively, while designer Tom Ford is a big fan of the wrinkle filler too, according to The Times. Both are considered powerful men in their own industries, so if they are championing the look, why shouldn't ordinary men.

It comes down to how you feel about it, would you willingly let your bloke have botox, or would you consider it a bit weird? More importantly, where do you stand on the whole debate, do you rate or slate botox for men?

FemaleFirst- Laura Terry