Tweezers are not something I have given much thought to before, however they are an important part of any woman’s make up bag, so they should be treated with as much care as the rest of the products in there. Here are some things to keep in mind:

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

The price: Don’t opt for the cheapest set of tweezers as they cost very little for a reason. They may not align properly meaning they won’t get the shorter stubborn hairs from your skin and they will probably break long before a set should. Companies don’t charge more for good quality products just because, it means that a lot of time, effort and thought has gone into producing something that works well every time.

The slant: Try to choose tweezers that have a slight angle to the tip, this will help to give your set more precision when removing the hair from the root and prevent irritation to the delicate skin around the face as there will be less contact with every tweeze.

The packaging: Often tweezers come in disposable packaging, but I would recommend that you find a pair that comes with its own case. This means they won’t get covered in any make up, they won’t become damaged by the other products in your bag and most importantly, it will keep them clean. Tweezers are often used near the eye area so they need to be kept as hygienic as possible. Bonus points for if the tweezers have a protective cap for the tip.

Reviews: Check out the reviews for the product before clicking ‘buy now’ on your chosen shopping website. Previous customers don’t lie and if a product has consistently good reviews, you know you are spending your money well.

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Awards: Research the product and find out if the tweezers you are looking to buy have won any awards- again- this is an excellent marker of whether a product is built to last or not.

The brand: You can tell whether a set of tweezers are worth buying depending on the brand. Most supermarkets, high street health and beauty shops will sell tweezers, but these will mostly be non-branded pieces of kit. Often it is better to buy a brand that has stood the test of time because it means their products are a worthwhile investment.

The sharpness: Look carefully at the sharpness of the tips. A pair of tweezers that has bulky, rounded ends won’t do the job properly. The tips need to be sharp enough to ensure targeted hair removal so play close attention to the ends if you want results every time.

Happy tweezing!

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