How much do you spend on beauty products?

How much do you spend on beauty products?

The average British woman spends a staggering £38,400 on beauty products in a lifetime, according to a new study.

The research by shows just how much women are willing to pay to in order to get their picture perfect look.

On a daily basis, women use a range of make-up products including foundation, lipstick, blusher and mascara to the value of £85. Many women also spend their money on luxury facials every month, costing around £25.

With products being replaced every four months and the frequent use of facial treatments, this calculates to £640 per year and an amazing £38,400 during a lifetime.

When enjoying a night out or evening occasion, women shell out an extra £5 on fake eyelashes to enhance their look, not forgetting glitzy eye shadow pallets coming to at least £10 for the cheapest.

Even the cheapest of brands work out expensive when the cost of each individual product is added up. 

Asked about the general pricing of make-up, 60% of women agreed that make-up is expensive but also said that this wouldn’t stop them from buying products.

Over two thirds (67%) agreed that when they find a brand they like, they stick to it and do not try cheaper alternatives.

One woman said: “Make-up is and always will be a necessity in a woman’s life. When I put make-up on, it gives me confidence and makes me feel good which is why I’m willing to pay the price. It is quite surprising when you tot up how much make up actually costs, but not wearing make-up simply isn’t an option for me.”

Another added: “I love spending money on make-up, over the years I’ve become so interested in new make-up and beauty trends that I’d much rather spend money on cosmetics than on clothes or anything else

“I probably spend about £600 on make-up ever year, when a new product comes out I just have to buy it!”

A third said: “I didn’t realise how much I was actually spending on make-up every few months, I find that make up runs out so quickly and is very expensive to replace. Make-up is slowly becoming more pricey, soon I won’t be able to afford the good brands.”

A spokesperson for commented: “It is amazing to break down all the costs and see how much women actually spend on make-up ever year. For a lot of women, spending money on cosmetics has become second nature to them.

“The make-up industry is forever growing and expanding, we are able to provide the same make-up that women want at cheaper prices, which would really help them save money throughout the year.” 

The price for the perfect face:

Cleanser/toner- £10

Moisturiser- £10

Concealer- £6

Foundation- 20

Blusher/Bronzer- £12

Eyebrow Pencil- £6

Eye-shadow- £10

Lipstick- £8

Make up wipes- £3

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