Liberty Ross certainly needed armour when pictures emerged of then-husband Rupert Sanders and Kristen Stewart in a passionate embrace, and she admits she likes her clothes to help her feel ready to face the day.

The British model says that wearing the right clothes can help you feel protected, something we’re certain she’s had to deal with personally.

She told Grazia magazine: "Clothes can be like armour - you can suit up, put your heels on and be ready for whatever comes at you."

The 36-year-old is currently enjoying living in the US, but isn’t a fan of their style as they seem to put so little effort in.

She said: "Everyone just wears leisure-wear. It is so shocking! I like to be comfortable, but if I'm working of going out, I want to 'dress'.

"I love silhouette - it's just so important. My favourite designers are Alaia and McQueen, Raf - people who give you a really tight, sharp, edge."

Liberty is currently fronting a new campaign for Brit-born designer Alice Temperley and is thrilled to be working with her old friend again.

She said: "I think I was the first girl, let alone model, to wear her things, so it's just amazing to have a friend who's worked so hard to create such a well-established British brand."

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