Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez

J-Lo has been credited by Donatella Versace for helping her to believe in her fashion vision.

The designer has never made a secret of the fact that she found it hard to follow in her brother, Gianni's footsteps following his death in 1997.

However, the turning point came when Donatella spotted J-Lo in one her designs at the Grammy Awards in 2000.

She wore a jungle-print dress that was slashed to the hip, and it proved such a huge success with the media and fashion pack alike, that it gave Donatella a much needed boost to believe in her own vision.

"It was an unexpected success," she tells the Canadian Press. "The next day she was all over the place with people talking about her in that dress. It was one of those moments like Gianni had with Elizabeth Hurley and the safety-pin dress."