Sexy lingerie sales soar for sauciest Christmas ever

Sexy lingerie sales soar for sauciest Christmas ever

The weather might be getting chilly, but things certainly seem to be hotting up in doors, as new figures show we're set for our sauciest Christmas ever.

Sales of sexy lingerie has increased by 73% on last year, with high street store Peacocks say they are selling over 3,000 sets per week as its customers invest in warming themselves up at this time of year.

Lisa Bond, Peacocks' Marketing Director said: "The ‘if you’ve got it flaunt it’ generation is officially upon us, with our customers becoming more adventurous than ever.

"Women are definitely becoming more considerate in their lingerie spend and are opting for more  fashionable, quality pieces that will add a touch of spice to their life."

The rise in racey underwear is said to be as a result of the current economic climate, with more and more couples staying in as opposed to going out and spending. In a bid to keep themselves entertained, people are finding their adventurous streak, which has resulted in the amount of sexy lingerie and outfits doubling compared to last year.

Among the best sellers are corset designs, animal print sets, lace chemises and suspenders.

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