The world of fashion is full of rags-to-riches stories, tales of those who followed their vision to the red carpet, where stars now sashay in their creations. Many such success stories remain a label stitched on a dress, but not Abby Kheir. The Australian native, creator of the fashion label Abyss by Abby, receives as much attention in front of the cameras as her designs.

Worlds Top Boss Abby Khier

Worlds Top Boss Abby Khier

Kheir recently earned the moniker of ‘World’s best boss.’ It’s a title that caught flame from the sparks of her employees’ social media accounts. Grateful employees shared snaps on Instagram of first-class plane tickets and freshly unwrapped designer handbags. Kheir first made her name through her designs, particularly with her statement dresses that cut a statuesque profile on any who wears them.  Her name is now being shared because of her stellar treatment of her employees. But, tales of lavish gifts soon gave way to a more profound reason why Kheir has been dubbed ‘World’s best boss.’

Kheir herself shares that she holds a deep respect for each of her employees and tries to reflect it in how she treats them. Kheir elaborates, “Every single company is made up of a collective group of people, and how each one of them is treated will always affect the company as a whole.”

Kheir opened her first fashion store at the age of twenty-one. Through stocking her store, she realized that the dresses and designs that she wanted to sell were not being made. This realization led her to start her brand Abyss by Abby. High-wattage stars like Khloe Kardashian and Nicole Scherzinger now wear her designs. Of her transition from a fashion store owner to a fashion designer, Abby Kheir says, “I started creating designs so that I could start seeing the dresses that I wanted to have in my business. In doing so, I created a brand of its own. 

The world of fashion is a competitive and cut-throat one. But, if you look close enough, you can see that some people within the industry have decided to lead with altruism and ambition.

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