Amber Le Bon has advised budding models to "always" be charming.

Amber Le Bon On Arrival Cîroc campaign

Amber Le Bon On Arrival Cîroc campaign

The 26-year-old English model and DJ believes her career is "taking off" and has revealed the secret to becoming a catwalk icon and boasting successful career at the helm of the fashion industry is to be punctual and have good manners.

Speaking about the tips she received when she was breaking into the fashion industry, which she believes are paramount in becoming a star, the candy pink haired beauty said: " My career is taking off ... My advice for people breaking through into the industry is similar to the advice my parents gave me, which is to be polite, charming and always on time. I also believe in enjoying every moment and celebrating even small successes along the way."

Meanwhile, Amber - who has recently teamed up with the legendary fashion photographer Mario Testino for the On Arrival Cîroc campaign - has revealed she feels "lucky" to be a part of the competitive industry and follow in the footsteps of her 51-year-old mother.

She explained: "I am lucky to be involved in an industry that my mother was part of so I have always been aware of it around me.

"Mario Testino has worked with my mother throughout her career and it's amazing to work with him as well."

And Amber - who is the daughter of Duran Duran's lead singer Simon Le Bon - has revealed her recent collaboration is pushing her to the "next level".

She explained: "Being part of the On Arrival Cîroc campaign I am now at the stage in my career where I am following my passions onto the next level."

Meanwhile, Amber has revealed she is honoured to work with Mario, although she was stunned to learn she was "hand-picked" by the 61-year-old to feature on the on the fifth series of the alcohol brand's commercial.

Speaking previously about her latest venture, she said: "I still can't believe I have been hand-picked by Mario Testino - it's such an honour."

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