Anne Hathaway does not consider it a compliment when people tell her she looks good for her age.

Anne Hathaway doesn't like being told that she looks good for her age

Anne Hathaway doesn't like being told that she looks good for her age

The 40-year-old actress regards the concept of ageing as irrelevant and sees the process as "another word for living".

In an interview with Today, Anne said: "I don't think about age.

"To me, ageing is another word for living. So, if people want to pay a compliment, it's nice. But whatever the hype is, I'm interested in what's beyond the concept of hype."

The 'Devil Wears Prada' star also explained that she has learned to be kinder to herself now she has grown older and is also better at "sharing".

She explained: "I'm right at that point where I have a much better sense of how I like to do things.

"I'm so much better at sharing. I feel like I'm kinder to myself and kinder to others."

Hathaway was recently announced as the face of Shiseido's Vital Perfection product range, an opportunity that she considers to be a dream come true.

She told People: "I feel like I’m punching above my weight class with this one.

"I've known about Shiseido as a company since I was first starting out as an actress. I worked with a makeup artist who used Shiseido products on me, so I've always known their quality.

"It was amazing to realise that a company so timeless, so synonymous with excellence and care and thoughtfulness could want me.

"It was an incredible compliment and I decided to say yes before they changed their minds."

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