Ashley Graham owns 30 little black dresses.

Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham

The 28-year-old model has admitted she "never realised" how many dresses she owned until recently when she had a fashion overhaul and cleared out her wardrobe only to discover an abundance of the classic wardrobe staple.

Speaking about her wardrobe to, the brunette beauty said: "It's probably all of my little black dresses.

"I never realised how many I have until I cleaned out my closet - about 30!"

And the star - who is best known for being a lingerie model for the plus-size label Lane Bryant - has admitted she also cannot live without a pair of Aquazzura shoes and her Givenchy handbag.

When asked about her favourite accessories, she said: "Anything Aquazzzura."

Ashley - who has graced the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue - has revealed her "beauty philosophy" is being sexy is just in the mind.

She said: "My beauty philosophy is sexy is a state of mind and I feel that embodies any type of person and woman, who is any age, race, or size."

And Ashley has admitted she rarely wears foundation on her "off duty days", but thinks a stroke of highlighter is the ultimate beauty essential.

Speaking about her beauty regime, she said: I don't normally wear foundation on my off duty days. But I love Armani and Laura Mercier. The best backstage beauty trick is always put a highlighter on me, it's going to wake up your eyes and it's always going to give you that sexy look.

"My lash obsession is Lash Star beauty, it is anything and everything eye related. I am literally obsessed."

Meanwhile Ashley has revealed her "ultimate fashion icon" is the 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' reality star Kim Kardashian West because of her curvaceous bottom.

She said: "I don't care what anybody says - my ultimate fashion icon is Kim Kardashian [West]. Bow down to that booty."