Cara Delevingne has hailed Christopher Bailey for helping her break into the fashion industry.

Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne

The 25-year-old model's career catapulted when she was scouted by the 46-year-old designer -who announced he was leaving Burberry earlier this year, but will continue working with the British fashion house until May 2018 - and made her catwalk debut in Burberry Prorsum's Autumn/Winter show in 2011.

And the 'Suicide Squad' beauty has credited the mogul for giving her her "first leg up" into the business and supporting her over the years.

Speaking to Refinery29 about her partnership with the company, she said: "Burberry to me represents British fashion in such a wonderful way, I think the way that they can bring together so many different fashions through the ages and still manage to bring youthfulness to this very, very dapper and sophisticated, but very cool and fun brand. And Christopher is incredible at bringing actors and musicians together. He really gave me my first leg up into the fashion industry and also from there, he's always supported whatever I've done, and everyone at Burberry is a friend of mine, I have their numbers, and it's a wonderful brand to be a part of."

Cara believes her style as "definitely changed" over the years, but has also "stayed quite the same", and she has revealed comfort is her main priority when she is picking her outfit for the day.

She said: "It's definitely changed, but it's also stayed quite the same. Comfort is very important to me, not only because I travel so much and work so much, but also because my skin is so sensitive. I just like to be comfortable and cosy, but also I'm a full believer in androgyny and wearing gorgeous dresses but also rocking a suit or wearing tracksuits.

"I think when something is really well fitted to your body and you feel comfortable in it."

But comfort is not the only thing she looks for in a garment, as she has to have pockets in her outfit so she doesn't have to take a bag with her.

She added: "Also I think pockets are really important because I don't like wearing a handbag. I like to be able to have my stuff on me, if it's a jacket, I can just have my wallet and phone on me. So something that's fitted and something that you can stand tall in, whether it's heels or flats, something that's comfortable and you can feel sexy but not too exposed, obviously depending on how good or bad you feel in the month."