Cara Delevingne likes to imagine the late Karl Lagerfeld would wear pieces from the "sustainable, genderless" collection she has launched under his name.

Cara Delevingne launches Karl Lagerfeld capsule CARA LOVES KARL

Cara Delevingne launches Karl Lagerfeld capsule CARA LOVES KARL

The 30-year-old actress-and-model has designed the size-inclusive capsule CARA LOVES KARL - which includes tailored suits, tuxedo blazers and accessories such as a bumbag and belts - in homage to their lengthy friendship and working relationship.

She said: “I am so proud of the collection I have created along with the incredibly talented team at KARL LAGERFELD.

“Karl was, and still is, an extremely important influence in my life and I’m honoured to have created this collection under his name. I believe that Karl would have been very proud of the sustainable, genderless direction we went with, and I like to imagine he even would have worn some of the pieces himself. I can’t wait to see how people wear all the different pieces we created.”

Cara recently shared how Lagerfeld taught her to appreciate how "interesting fashion is".

The 'Carnival Row' star admits she "didn’t really know that much about fashion" before she started working with the legendary designer, who died in February 2019, aged 85.

She shared: "I didn’t really know that much about fashion before I started. I never really gave it that much credit. He taught me so much more about fashion in terms of its possibilities."

Cara has also praised Lagerfeld for giving her the confidence and space that she needed to grow within the fashion industry.

The London-born star - who won the Model of the Year gong at the British Fashion Awards in 2012 and 2014 - said: "He really influenced me so much.

"He never told me to do anything specifically, but he allowed me the space to grow, and he would treat me like a friend ... He was so human with me and it made me feel so much more comfortable in myself."

The catwalk star has become much more thoughtful about fashion since she worked with the fashion icon.

She said: "I don’t think that people should be judged by what they wear, but when you ask people why they wear what they wear, it’s a very interesting story. And even if they don’t care about what they’re wearing, that’s also interesting, too."

The 'Life in a Year' star has also become much more hands-on with her work over recent years.

She said: "It was very important for me to see samples, to be involved as much as possible."