Chioma Nnadi is "beyond excited" and "honoured" to be named as the new editor of British Vogue.

Chioma Nnadi is British Vogue's new editor

Chioma Nnadi is British Vogue's new editor

The London-born journalist will become the first Black female to edit the celebrated fashion magazine when she takes over from the outgoing Edward Enniful on October 9.

Nnadi will be known as head of editorial content, rather than editor-in-chief, once she takes up the post.

Speaking to The Guardian, Nnadi said: "Is there pressure? Yeah, there’s definitely pressure – it’s Vogue.

"It still means something to be in Vogue, it still has authority. [And there’s pressure] because of Edward. He broke new ground. It’s more than being part of a magazine – it’s part of the cultural conversation."

Nnadi, the daughter of a Swiss-German mother and a Nigerian father, hailed the progress that Vogue has made in terms of diversity since Enniful became editor in 2017.

She added: "As a Black woman, but also as a biracial woman, how I view the world is also how I see it – through a lens that is influenced by my background, by where I live, and by having parents from different cultures and having to move between these cultures.

"Things have changed a lot. When I started out, there was one other Black person working in the building, and we both went to the same college. It wasn’t the same place it is now. Obviously, matters of diversity and inclusion should always be on the agenda, but it feels like more of an open conversation now, and that feels to me like progress."