Christine Quinn has launched her second collection with ShoeDazzle.

Christine Quinn drops second ShoeDazzle collection

Christine Quinn drops second ShoeDazzle collection

The 'Selling Sunset' star says the 20-piece drop is for girls who "want a hot girl summer".

She said: “This collection is for just any girl who wants a hot girl summer, which I think is all of us really after COVID-19.

“It’s that girl that is tired of being in makeup and sweatpants. She’s waxed and vaxxed and ready to go and ready to have fun. I think that’s where we’re all at right now.”

The footwear includes OTT heels, wedges and sandals in summery shades, plus a bedazzled gladiator shoe and animal print kitten heels to match the realtor's loud personality.

The 33-year-old reality star added to WWD: “It was really just elevating what I already loved about the extra-ness of ShoeDazzle and being able to create this really fun vibe that matches my personality.

“It was really fun not only to play with the colours, but the metals, jewels, stones and everything in between. We went with a lot of patterns, too.”

Christine previously revealed the key to being able to last in killer heels is wearing flats most of the time.

The blonde beauty admitted that when the cameras aren't rolling she takes off her high heels and lives in pumps.

Asked how tall the highest heel she has ever worn is, she replied: "Probably six inches. Everyone’s like, 'How do you walk in those shoes all day when you work?' And I don’t walk in them all day. When I’m in houses, if I’m not doing meetings, if I’m sitting at the office ... so when I don’t need to wear them, I put my flats on. It’s just all about saving your feet. That’s my biggest trick."

Christine wanted her line to prove that you don't have to spend a fortune on designer shoes to be "fashionable".

She explained: "That’s the number one thing - people think that, in order to be fashionable, you have to spend $500 on a pair of shoes. And I have probably hundreds of pairs of shoes. And I would say the expensive ones are only a little portion because I love to mix it up, and sometimes you only wear looks once. So I was just so excited about the affordability, and the fact that everyone could have a pair and look good in them."