Donatella Versace trusts her dogs opinion on "everything".

Donatella Versace

Donatella Versace

The 61-year-old Italian fashion designer has admitted her pet pooch Audrey is "always" by her side and has credited the furry animal as a "true Versace", because it is the only being the creative mastermind goes to for honest advice.

Speaking to the about her everyday essential, the current vice president of the Versace group said: " My Jack Russell, Audrey. She is a true Versace. She is always with me, even at model fittings, and I trust her opinion about everything."

And Donatella has revealed she lives on espressos to be "sustained" throughout the day, which is no doubt filled with meetings.

She said: "Being Italian, I am sustained by espressos!"

And Donatella - who showcased her debut Versace Atelier fashion show in 1997, one year after her brother Giovanni's death - has revealed she is bored by the past and has "always" only been interested in the new trends.

She said: "I have always been interested in what is new. The past bores me. I always want to keep looking forward, seeing what will happen next. That's my favourite view: the future."

The entrepreneur - who joined forces with the Haas Brothers in 2013 to launch a 12-piece furniture capsule in 2013 - has admitted "the greatest pleasures" she gets from her job is working with new budding designers, and has revealed her partnership with the L.A.-based furniture design duo Nikolai and Simon Haas was the "most exciting" collaboration.

She explained: "One of the greatest pleasures of my job is working with young creative people like the Haas Brothers who are among the most exciting people in design right now. When we met, I knew straight away I wanted them to create some special pieces for Versace Home to bring our worlds together."

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